So can somebody tell me wtf just happened?

As the title says… Wtf just happened to my game. I. Playing on ps3 and this has never happened so yeah…

You done broke it son

It’s a hidden message. Borderlands creepypasta.

Probably it’s the cable.

I started getting those screen artifacts when my first PS3 started going down hill.

Oh no! My ps3 better not be going down hill :fearful: I haven’t even had it for a year!

It seems it’s time to go to the warranty…

May I suggest turning off the PS3 and just pretending that never happened? Seems reasonable to me. Or cry. That might be better.

I’ve had similar things happen in TPS.

Funny when it happened I kind of did both. :smiley:

Its most likely not. I had some sort of screen glitch happen just like that. And that was a year and a half ago. It never happened again. And my ps3 is still going strong.

Cable or not is also possible that could be an hardware issue so i’d suggest you to backup your disk/saves till you can or eat your fingers later on, like i did.