So can you fix Rakk Attack anointments gearbox?

Anointed items that give plus charge to Rakk attack just aren’t working, I have had 4 equipped at once and only gotten 2 extra charges, I run 1 on my current build on the shield and I find myself having the take the shield off and requip it to get the extra charge working, and then it will just stop working.

You cant have more than 1 of the same annointment active at the same time, also Im pretty sure you have to be wielding a weapon to get the annointment to work at all.

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Nah anoints just apply when you have em equipped, otherwise anointed shields wouldn’t work. Not being able to have more than 1 of the same at a time would make sense, but you are able to have more than 1 of the same active at a time. I’ve had 4 of these anointed equipped in the past and only got 2 extra charges.

@Tharic I’m pretty sure when I was rocking my annointed extra rak charge back ham. It gave me a 3rd charge. Because then it would be lying saying it does when it doesn’t. And we all know it’s got to be true if it’s on the internet,or at least says that on the shield. Lol

I know for sure you cant stack 2 300% melee damage boost on phaseslam annointments at the same time on your shield and weapon, only 1 of them will work.

Eh hope Gearbox fixes this at least.

@Tharic got ya,I was thinking in the terms of said gear piece by itself,stacking solo on top of augment/skill,not in the way you just clearly explained it. Thanks. Cheers.

Grenade Modes, and Sheilds work beacuse the item is always active on your character. When it comes to weapons the item needs to be in your hands. I’m not sure about stacking I know for my FL4K I currently have 5 chargers of Rakk attack between the augment, Class Mod and a blue homing transfusion with the Anointed effect. If I ever find a shield with the same effect I will see what happens.

I will say I have a shield that is supposed to grant that… But it isnt. Well it grants it when I first equip… And then it stops re granting it…