So, Chaos Rumble's got ordered now?

Since Incursion queue is back now, I got even better thing to talk about.
What’s with Incursion being present in Chaos Rumble?

Now, before anyone gets some bad conclusion, have to know that this week’s Chaos Rumble gone fascist: the map choosing stage was removed, all seem to be ran on RNG now. And Incursion’s in it! Now I got Capture mixed with Incursion matches over and over again.
Wanted Incursion back? Now U got it! A double :wink:

I’m quite confused by what you’re saying.

Incursion maps are present in both Incursion and Chaos Rumble queue.
And Chaos Rumble picks maps by itself.
That’s what I’m saying.

And why is that news or a bad thing? It’s always been that way

I get Incursion maps in Chaos Rumble, I get Incursion maps in Incursion queue, no, it’s not bad, not at all. And there is suddenly no map voting in Chaos Rumble, I’d like to repeat.

I’m still not getting it for whatever reason so I’ll just head out lol

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It’s because the Quick Match queue was replaced with the Incursion queue. We’ll go back to Quick Match and Face Off next Thursday after Chaos Rumble ends.

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But why there’s no voting stage anymore? Hope it won’t pass to Quick match?

It’s Chaos!

I’m pretty sure Quick Match will be like it was before once it returns. At least, it had better be if Randy wants to keep his ears… :dukecigar:

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I 'm remebering Chaos Rumble being chaotic not becasue of a lack of map voiting but due unique characters OFF, Elo matchmaking OFF, having global chat ON and all modes stuffed there…
IOW I remember map voting in Chaos Rumble.

I think it’s just because it’s hard to tell whether a map is for capture or face off, not really any other reason

The devs are trying something new to “keep things fresh” as they’ve previously stated on this forum. Let them experiment and use the acquired experience for their next game. Unfortunately for BB… It’s not going to get much better in acquiring and keeping new players if these sort of things keep getting implemented.


I say look at the bright side. On ps4 I get matches within a few moments of waiting.

We don’t have to wait for all the voting and stuff. Just bam let’s play. I’ve gotten a lot better overall just because I’m experiencing how to survive everywhere.

It’s been a fun day.


I usually play with my loadout while waiting for voting and loading. Now i cant! What is this?! Play the game so fast feels unatural!


Once in a while, I’ll be annoyed that I got a match so quick as I wasn’t done organizing. How dare they do their job!


Nope, nothin’ alike. Without voting you can’t even see what map is going to load - teams get matched and puff the game loads whatever map was drawn by the system, that’s how it looks now. Sure, for consoles it doesn’t matter - PC players got some preferable (performance is a major factor) choices though. We generally like to have options.
I think it’s Gbx’s way to force players to use unwanted stuff more often: you either pick unwanted Incursion or random map. And it’s a move the size of Ghalt’s trap nerf, I have to admit.

Well, double credits period or not, I’m not playing totally random generated Chaos Rumble, not when Incursioners got their queue. Hopefully it’ll end soon and we’ll have our Quick Play back.

PS Who even cares about Capture maps anyway?

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I’ve noticed this too, but is it just me, or is global chat off? I haven’t had any communication at all from my enemy team, which is odd. Or perhaps it’s just because they haven’t been talking?

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Global chat has been turned off.

It has? Has it been like that the whole weekend or just recently?

It changed Friday: