So did my first rage quit on a team (rant)

everyone picked tank brawler charters so i went miko to support them

everyone on my team was an idiot, especially since they were all at least over rank 20. they flee from a fight they could win even without a healer glued to them.

they let enemy minions walk right past them

and any time i try to point out, dont run you got a healer or why you let those minions walk into the grinder they just ramble like idiots over there mike

please a report feature for trolls can not come fast enough

Haha, been there. Was explaining to someone earlier today that being Miko (or a support in general I suppose), is really frustrating in a random group since it’s really hard to heal people just running around all a mess.

You can’t report players for being bad at the game… You’re not justified to call them trolls for being bad at the game either. If you’re a pub player you have to accept that sometimes your teammates will be idiots. As sometimes the team on the oposite side will be idiots… And you’re laughing then, not complaining.


When I play a melee build and not in the heat of a battle with another opponent , I try my best to stick by our healer. If he is helping a tank , I’m covering his ass and if the tank needs to fall back I’ll step in for him so he can fall back. I play almost 90% solo but when I see someone is selecting a healer , I try to make it my duty to keep tabs on him because a great healer is a game changer and unsung hero at the same time.

So you categorize someone who can’t yet gauge when to engage and when not to (which is something that takes maybe the most experience in games like these) a troll and would report them for it?
I hope reports don’t get automated lol.

lol at the comments that forget to read the part these poeple spewed “garrrrrrrrr derrrrrrrrr duuuuuuuuh” and other stupid sounds over the mic XD

you don’t detail what you were saying back to them though…

read XD

sorry, i just figured they weren’t your exact words, given the same situation mine probably wouldnt have been quite so nicely put, i keep my mic off just in case i can’t help myself

mic off? the game is push to talk?

on pc? i am on console

i was talking generally in pub games like this i keep my mic off, whether that involves not having it connected or not pressing the key or wearing a gag, getting back in my box