So difficult to love this game =(

Just venting a bit.

For the most part I have been really enjoying this game. Been playing everyday since launch, currently lvl 34 so I have certainly gotten some time in all that this game has to offer and It’s mostly been a positive experience.

But then I have experiences like today. Try to do story missions and in short everyone has disconnected before the game starts, with at least 1 most likely quitting before it even gets to character select due to the mission they wanted not being picked, and the others all disconnecting during character select. Regardless of whether its a tech issue or raging players it certainly sucks the fun out of grouping up with some randoms to kill stuff.

So story missions with others was a no go, how about some multiplayer?

Meltdown (coldsnap), match starts as a 4vs5 of mostly lowbies vs a 5 man premade of lvl 50+. As expected got steamrolled and match ended 0-500 in about 6 mins.

Incursion (overgrowth), 1 mid lvl and 4 low lvl vs 5 man premade lvl 50+. Marquis snipes first sentry from the safety of their base. Tried to countersnipe/harass him with Thorn but her arrows are pretty easy to dodge at that distance. First sentry down in about 3 mins. Team gets steamrolled and pushed back to spawn where Marquis easily downs the next sentry from our center building. Match over in about 7mins.

I want to love this game. I like the characters and art style and the moba style gameplay at times can be a blast. But the constant disconnecting of players, timing out to start a match, incredibly unbalanced matchmaking, poorly designed maps, and general lack of balance is making this game difficult to love.

Agreed 100%.
I really love the characters, the art direction and the gameplay mechanics but the lack of proper matchmaking coupled with the lack of a solution for dropouts really makes it hard to keep going. Sad because there is a ton of potential here.

What system are you playing on? I just started online story mode and have played at least six so far and everybody stuck with it. I’m playing on XB1.