So, DLC 5 is gonna show Gearbox the truth

So, Gearbox have announced that the next DLC will come “this year”, that it’ll be PAID content, and feature a new skill tree for each VH plus a “new mode”. (Not clear what this means, but people seem to be thinking it’s Mayhem 3.0, UVHM or some kind of big change to the way the game plays.)
I take that to mean that the next DLC won’t feature ANY story or missions. I doubt we’ll get UVHM, as that was about adding an extra playthrough with tougher enemies that scaled to you and we already have that with mayhem, I guess. Most people aren’t even interested in TVHM, let alone another playthrough with nothing new to add.

But, the point is, this will be the first paid content that Gearbox releases AFTER the season pass, meaning it’ll be the first true example of how far the game really has fallen. The sales figures will get compared to those of previous DLCs and the season pass, to see how badly gearbox have messed the game up, since launch. And, given how rushed the latest DLC felt (content was sparse), I don’t think many people are keen on the idea of handing more cash over.

Mayhem 2.0 was a disaster, players have been walking away from the game in droves. Gearbox have either not listened to feedback or taken far too long to listen, repeatedly. This game is still not in a good place, an entire year after launch. Most of the gear, especially weapons need re-scaling, the anointment system needs a massive overhaul, the skill trees need a boost and several fixes/reworks, there’s still many bugs to fix, and numerous other issues.
The DLCs felt too short, with no endgame content, like proving grounds, slaughters or even crappy raid bosses (I’m not a fan, but at least they’d be something). I STILL hope that they’ll announce that now they have time, they’ll go back and expand each DLC later on, but right now it’s not feeling like gearbox have the integrity to improve content they’ve already sold. We’ll see, I guess.
I’m missing the Villa and Heck maps, as they felt like actual mobbing maps, and there’s not much like that in the actual game, but having to wait for the right season each time really sucks. They need to release them as year-round content, like the headhunter packs or just add them to the game permanently. No word on whether they’re going to add more seasons this year, as they skipped Xmas and others in the first year, and half-arsed valentines day (probably due to having other areas of focus and dealing with covid, but still). No roadmaps, since the first one, so we won’t know until nearer the time.

Gonna be interesting.
What’s your thoughts?

  • I’m gonna buy the next DLC, definitely
  • I’m not spending anything else on this game
  • I’ll buy the next DLC as soon as they fix the current ones/base game/both
  • I’ll wait for it to come out before I decide
  • Other (add to comments below)

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I think there is something telling in having the new Skill trees being paired with another whatever it is.

So they can either sell a mode or something that nobody wants or is willing to pay for by selling it through something that is atleast sought after.

Or they can silence the outrage that the new skill trees have to be bought by saying “look at it this way you will get them as a “bonus” together with this awesome new “mode” that you surely want anyway”…

I hope this makes sense.

Edit: Also one big factor is the still unknown price, for which my above is also true. I fear they will sell the skill trees at a really high price and justify it because it’s bundled with the other thing.


If I were God Emperor, I would:

  1. Make mayhem modifiers 100% optional/selectable. Adjust rewards to reflect this (activate modifiers and get more XP/eridium/money/etc.)
  2. Nerf the hell out of anointments so that they’re more on par with the luneshine bonuses from TPS. So that they’re something cool to have if you happen to come across them, but nothing gamechanging or gamebreaking.
  3. Nerf the world drop rate for legendaries, so legendaries feel legendary again. They drop like candy in this game. But don’t touch dedicated drop chances, those are fine and in line with dedicated drop rates in past BL games. And give the chubbies and loot tinks something unique only they drop, to make hunting for those enemies more desirable.

Based on this, you have my vote for god emperor of Pandora. Lol.
Totally agree with all these changes, and I’d do the same, if I could.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. By making it a bundle, they can ward off more criticism than just selling either on their own.


Oh, one more thing I forgot:

Get rid of mayhem-level gear, and make the enemy health/armor/shield scaling much more gentle as you go up mayhem levels. Scale it so that M10 is about equal to the old M4. Bullet spongey, yes, but it was mostly tolerable for a lot of people. In the end it was a little too much for me personally, but I’ll take it over the current system.

Having two quite different scaling paths (mayhem-level gear with its smooth mathematical scaling and enemy HP with arbitrary increases) makes balancing more complicated than it needs to be. Keep it simple. Just keep weapon damage the same, and gently scale up enemy HP. Easy peasy.


Common theme in every post. :rofl:

Honestly I think it is too late for most people. New ones will enjoy it for what it is. The hardcore fan base that got sucker punched on end game content had a glimpse of what this game could of been, instead of what it became. I preferred the former, as did most.


Depends on what’s there beside the skill trees, whether the skills themselves seem appealing (like, if I only played Fl4k and would base my decision on whether to buy or not on his Trapper Skilltree, i’d probably not buy it because it’s not the kind of tree I’d spec into anyways) and on the price.

If, like all the previous DLCs it’s 15 bucks, the other skilltrees look more appealing to me (nothing wrong per se with the Trapper tree btw, but shield stacking just doesn’t tickle my fancy), there’s some new gear (I’d expect there to be at least new legendary class mods to accompany the new skills) and the new mode whatever it may be looks somewhat interesting, I’m probably gonna buy it.

If, all of the sudden, they decide they are gonna do a second season pass that includes this DLC and some more upcoming stuff next year, I’d probably just buy that.


Pure overreacting and speculation. I personally think that an entire new skill tree for every character is way more exciting than a dlc story. Skill combinations are my bread and butter. I also like the precedent this sets. Every character in borderlands has had three skill trees. This is breaking new ground. The only thing better would be adding a new vault hunter.

Gbx have record of every bullet fired lol this is data. Whatever is coming is

  1. A creation of their liking, ticked, approved from the board

  2. Based off data.

Whatever we were gonna show them its already done. Smart businesses men, we are luck that BL is also a love child of GBX. It’ll be good ^.^

Mayhem 4 was the best the game ever felt. Change my mind. :smiley: Seriously felt like that was the last time you could just pick up practically any weapon in the game and if not MELT the world, at least HAVE FUN with it. Call me crazy but super meta drops and min-maxing isn’t that fun and only works when you have legions of fans/modders that mail you gear…


It’s hard to say anything else than wait and see because we basically don’t know anything about the actual product yet. It could be crap but it may also be something that this game sorely needs. We don’t know the price either, if it’s cheap enough I might grab it for skill trees alone no matter what the mode is.

One of the questions for me also is what the plan for mayhem mode is going forwards. I’d be amazed if the parts that the community doesn’t like weren’t well known to the developers so the question for me is, is anything going to be done about it and if so, when and what? I’d be a lot more inclined to buy more stuff if I knew that the parts that I dislike about the game were being addressed.

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I haven’t had any true interest in BL3 since DLC 2 tbh and it was waning then. I only played the dlc’s because I was fool enough to buy the season pass version of the game. I got a fair amount of playtime out of BL3 but most of it filled with frustration/tedium that I could have done without if I’m being honest. I guess some people still adore the way BL does things but I was hoping for more evolution, not just the same ole same ole from 2009 but done worse :confused:


I’ll probably get it eventually. I’m not waiting because I’m mad, I’m just burned out on this game and busy with others.


Yep. Many ordered a BL3 sammich and it came sloppy and with bugs in it. Half way thru trying to enjoy it, they add a topping you never asked for.

And the bag of chips you ordered is mostly air.

I didnt pay them to continually clean my table and arrange the napkin dispenser and shift my drink around the table.


Calling it now:

The new mode will be some sort of cobbled-together quasi “Battle Royale” mode.


If I enjoy something, I have no problem throwing money at it over time. The problem is mayhem 2.0 modifiers stopped me enjoying this game. If this poll was done during original Mayhem I would have voted definitely buying. But I’m not spending more on a game that isn’t fun for me if I want to play harder content (M10)


I enjoy the game, therefore I will continue to buy DLC for it. Should I get to a point of no longer enjoying the game I will stop buying DLC at that point and call it there. I’m not going to come here a whine like an entitled child over money spent in the past like a number of other people have been doing on these boards. One example in this would be Destiny 2. I continued buying DLC for that game up until the point I really wasnt playing it because I didnt find it as enjoyable or entertaining anymore. Granted people are saying its better now that they cut off from Activision. However I still havent bothered going back to it. I’ve spent money on optional items for MMO’s and mobile games I no longer play. I have no issues with it because at the time I spent it I was playing and enjoying said games.

To those with the excuse that their income makes money spent on a game they end up not enjoying has a such a huge impact to them financially that simply means you should be doing far more research and thought into a title before buying it. If that means waiting over a year to see how the game progresses before making the decision to buy or not then so be it if the monetary investment is such a major issue. At that point the cost will usually be lower and you’ll have a lot more information on the title along with an idea on the direction it’s going.

As far as new skill trees. I’ll take them. IMO I’d actually rather have entirely new VH’s as it would get me to do new playthroughs using the new characters and also add more variety in personalities that are available to play as.

I will see what the price vs content is then decide. No game is perfect and balancing hundreds of guns, skill trees, enemy dmg etc etc is a hard job. I think we too often forget how much free content we have gotten from a Dev team working during a pandemic. And they have fixed A Lot.
I have plenty of gripes with the game but overall still enjoy it and feel it is totally justified to charge if they add new content.
That being said:
-I really want raid bosses. Not a takedown. BL2 had like 8. We have 2 (Eista doesn’t count) and they’re at the end of a takedown, the latter of which doesn’t even drop worthy gear.
-I really want the ricochet weapons fixed to work like they did
-I really want a reroll anointment machine or some type of crafting mechanism.

These are just things I desire. Will any happen? Who knows?
But I’m still having fun playing, trading etc.


And if it does, that’s where you’ll find all of the remaining VH’s

2 takedowns and that’s it.

Sorry, but I do not consider play balancing, patches, nerfs or buffs, or Mayhem modifiers to be “content”. They add NOTHING to the game that wasn’t already there. At most the modifiers only slightly alter some settings, but it’s still the same content.

Since launch this game has added two free takedowns. That’s all the real FREE content it’s added. At least, that’s all the free content that they’ve added that I can play today. Two takedowns in a year. Everything else you’ve had to pay for, and thanks to the powercreep with the new DLC weapons the game has turned into Pay to Win,

Calling some tweak or adjustment “added content” is like suggesting you are watching a whole new movie because you set your TV to Black and White mode.