So do Hex grenades still not work on Vampyr?

Just wondering, right now I’m just trying to find a gear mix that I’ll be happy with. Primary tree is Demo woman, using a bloodletter/deathless combo, various I’m not set with, and a Transformer shield.

Only the actual explosions count towards vampyr; so at most 8 procs (recurring hex) since the timer on them is soo short;

  • the “Cloning Maddening Tracker” can get 20 - 26 procs
  • Epicenter can get 14 (at once!!) with a direct hit + another 14 if the jumping part directly hits an enemy
  • even jackhammer smgs tend to hit more than 1 enemy at a time + bounces 5 times- in shock will refill a transformer shield too

I used to absolutely adore a Hex…

Then I found a Cloning Maddening Tracker with a 25% bonus on Grenade Thrown.

Dropped the Hex Like a hot potato…

Same, except I spent a whole day intentionally farming a vending machine for the CMT and at first I really missed my recurring hex but man oh man the CMT is way better in every way