So does every character have 4 taunts?

I just bought a Loot Pack and unlocked a 4th taunt for Orendi, and I seem to remember unlocking one for another character during the open beta, and it makes me wonder if everyone has a hidden (in loot packs) 4th taunt.

Anyone else found any?

Havent found other taunts yet, but I know there are plenty of hidden skins too. Will have to keep an eye out for these!

Deadly Neurotoxin for Attikus. He farts a lightning cloud.

I’ve got 5 Taunts for Marquis…
stopped buying LLC packs at that point cause I got what I originally wanted from them.

I assume there are more taunts…

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5 taunts total, or 5 extra taunts?

I think they all have more then four taunts, they have their three taunts you can view from the start and 2 (or more?) ones you can get from loot packs. I’ve seen a bot Marquis’ using two different taunts that I assume you can get from packs.

I saw Phoebe use a slot machine taunt once in the beta. That was pretty amusing to see.


I got the pathfinder taunt for thorn from a loot pack and a few colours.

It looks like each character has 8 colour variants of their standard skin and maybe 5 taunts each.

I assume they all have atleast 5 taunts, since I got 5 for caldarius, and I have had 5 for isic

I have four for ambra, but I gave up wasting credits on packs as I haven’t unlocked a skin or taunt after spending 300+k

ATM I am just curious now what all the extra taunts look like.

Been trying for a while now to unlock even one of then new taunts for Shayne & Aurox, but not a scrap of luck so far.

You can actually see a lot of those hidden taunts in BB trailers. Adding to those the taunts I got during beta/at release and the other player’s taunts I saw, pretty sure that everyone has at least one hidden taunt, maybe more.

Caldarius (and Miko, Orendi, Phoebe and OM) had one supplementary taunt as part of the deluxe edition though, so caldarius is a bit of a special case.

5 for ISIC? do you have the one where his upper body rotate at 180° to show something that looks like a huge cannon we see in some trailers then?

I have received 2 different taunts from loot packs for Toby. So I’d imagine each character has at least 2 hidden taunts.

I’ve been wondering, is it possible at all to get the items from the Digital Deluxe in any way besides that?

I bought the physical edition so I could get the random Battleborn figure (and got Montana so worth it), but does that then mean I am screwed out of the other content forever?

Each character has two alternate taunts and three skins that can be obtained from faction specific loot packs. The skins are all the same but the taunts are all unique.


Got the slot machine one really fun cant see it in the chatacter selection screen sadly

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Yeah I have that one and I had the one where he fogs the glass up and draws a face during the beta.

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That’s cool, thanks for confirming it’s indeed a taunt we can get in a loot pack, that’s one of the taunts I want the most with Mellka’s breakdance x). Never saw anyone with them until now.