So, easy modifiers eh?

Is it just me, or is this week’s Mayhem Made Mild week a profound missed opportunity to try Mayhem without any modifiers at all?

This has been an extremely requested change that has drove a lot of players away. Why not at least try it?


We will see what it feels like.
It depends on mayhem 10 with 1 easy modifier or 4.
With 4 of them it definitely won’t feel like playing without modifiers.

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Yeah, that would have been cool. Instead I may have to take a break for a week, because there’s only like 5 easy modifiers, and lootsplosion is the only one I don’t kind of hate, and I’m pretty sure Noelle already confirmed it’ll be the same number as usual per level, so instead of the setup at 10 that I use that works for me, I have to have 3 dumb modifiers I don’t like… Oh well, maybe I can finally finish another game.


Not going to scramble my Modifier Roles by playing this Event.

I mean… Kinda doesn’t matter to me since I’m gonna hold off on playing until the DLC comes out anyways. No point in farming for stuff if we get a level cap increase in 2 weeks anyways.


I would have reloaded the game if they had eliminated modifiers I can only speak for myself but it doesn’t matter if they are easy or what I still have to play with modifiers and I’m not going too . They ruined the game and are unnecessary.


Way better than the hard and very hard modifiers. There’s 6 all together.

More than ok boomer is great for keeping nades stocked. My CMT actually kills things with the last buff.

Lootsplostion is just free money, eridium, and ammo.

Slayer is whatever, doesn’t effect anything unless you’re using melee.

Galaxy brain just gives you bigger crit spots to shoot, but can block some. So a minor annoyance.

Speed demon is free movement speed. Not the best with Fl4k or Moze, but nothing wrong with it.

Big kick energy can be annoying, but honestly the recoil and weapon spread really doesn’t effect most weapons by that much.

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only modifier i dont like is “galaxy brain” is whatever as find the big head mode damn cheesy and makes vh you play as look kinda dumb down i feel same goes for npc.

While I won’t argue that it is an improvement, I think a LOT of players would have loved to see Mayhem 10 with no mods at all.


I get that. And the ability to roll individually for those that do want them.

It’s funny. The whole reason they launched mayhem 4 was to reduce the modifiers because no one liked them. And then we got this, which is the exact opposite. At least bullet reflection is gone, lol.

I for one don’t mind the wacky modifiers so much. It creates actual mayhem by definition. I’m not a fan of the very hard ones that hinder us like they do tho.

We should have the option to turn them off at the cost of increased difficulty. Or turn them on for a chance at bonus loot.

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I agree completely. I had the best possible rolls(for me) and they didn’t really effect me all that much.

I mentioned being able to disable individual modifiers for different enemy buffs a while back on here. Something like 20% elemental resistance for removing a Medium modifier, +40% enemy damage for removing a Hard modifier and enemies gain life steal(that scales) for removing a Very Hard modifier.

There are ways to make the game harder without making it harder to play.


The problem with the current system is it simply does not add difficulty or challenge. It adds annoyance and hindrance, which are completely different things and the reason I have stopped playing until DLC4.

Just knowing when I start playing again that I HAVE to re-roll before doing anything else thanks to the last few events is another reason. Would have loved to test out the recent buffed weapons, but it is not interesting enough knowing 30 to 40 minutes of time will be spent pushing square over and over and over again…