So...Eden-6....Jakobs.....Can we have a Jakob's Cove ver 2? Zombies and Tk Baja?

Pretty please?

I know itd be reusing old content sorta, but man that was fun. And Edenn-6 is the absolute perfect environment for the setup, hell, I’d even bet eden-6 was inspired by Jakob’s cove becauuse the environment seems extremely similar between the 2, and doing the witch for Murl, you see all the pumpkin assets and such there already, seems very halloween-ey…


You know as I was playing through Eden 6 I was reminded of this DLC. The areas looked very similar. If they didn’t explicitly say that the area was on Pandora, after playing BL3 I would have said that that DLC took place on Eden 6.

I suspect that they won’t do what they did with BL2 where they released multiple seasonal DLCs. Instead they are going down the temporary seasonal events type thing which sucks.

I would love to see a couple of DLC planet areas with a Halloween, Mercenary Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines type DLCs.