So... El Dragon

What’s his deal? Have seen them showing up more. After a few rounds with them in opposition, I don’t recall them dominating the battlefield before.

Are they now busted?

ive been seeing more also now.

maybe just more poeple getting him unlocked

but he is still pretty easy to kill

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I only just unlocked him today via level unlock because I didn’t feel like playing any of the characters that would unlock him.

I still haven’t played him, but it could definitely be a reason why people haven’t been playing him much.

He is a very strong character with a passive that has some pretty nice mechanics and augments in the helix tree, he can become a real threat once he gets going. But more than likely, people have started unlocking him, or those people now thing Galilea is dead and have to move on.

But yeah, I don’t know for sure. Not really seen any this weekend on PC.

I’ve been seeing more Toby’s, sometimes they even manage to get a kill! I think they’re busted too!

Once I got Ghalt unlocked I stopped using Dragon.

  1. It’s tricky to keep him alive.
  2. His slam got nerfed so bad you get killed a lot DURING the slam.
  3. He’s not as much fun, to me anyway, Ghalt is a gooder tank.
    (Gooder is a word, because, reasons!)

Perhaps people are now finding he’s actually worthwhile, even if he’s easy to kill. The damage a good El Dragon can deal is second only to a ganking Rath.

People might just finally now be unlocking him so they’re using him.

Since the beta I find him weak & not powerful enough, plus, the body slam and ultimate are waaaaay too slow. Everytime I see one using his ultimate he just dies because of this 1 or 2 sec during which he does his funny animation.

I love el Dagon he’s a beast if used right I love running and taking out them snipers on incersoin

If you don’t shut him down early and don’t have enough CC it’s gg. He just sprints at max speed, deletes you with insane melee dps and then runs off with clothesline before anyone can help you. 1 v 1 is not an option with this guy, just run to your friend when you see him coming during late game.

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I encountered your typical El Dragon today.

Have yet to see one of those (and a Boldur) not getting absolutely obliterated by the enemy.

Ooooh no you don’t want to see a boldur playing good, because that’s awful.
I still think they should nerf the right click shield… especially boldur’s.

One of my co-workers plays El Dragon a lot in PvE, claims he gets wrecked in PvP but it’s hard to see why when he’s playing… racing around the map slapping faces off. It’s crazy to watch him with that silly run animation but running 200 mph to belly flop a group of thrall.

He’s not easy mode like he used to be, but he is still strong late game if you build him right and know how to run in and out.

Its basically clothes line, ultimate, splash, finish off scraps or run away (depending on situation)

The must have abilities are his area of affect electric damage on splash at level 2, clap range attack at level 3, his clothes line knock up at level 4, and then I personally spec mostly into survivability since that is his biggest issue.

He’s not easy to use, but once you get the hang of him he has a fun playstyle.

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I wish Attikus had an ability like the clothesline… just lower horns and ram through the crowd. I’d prefer that to the leap honestly.

…Dragon is SO good late game lol if you see me comin you better gtfo. The key to getting him to late game against a good comp is just slaughtering minions, purchasing buildables and sealing teammates kills. As long as you have a decent team to keep the enemy atleast slightly occupied you can hit & run all day long.

Once hes pumped up? Theres really noone that is gonna 1v1 him w/out luck or a good stun shot, clothesline into slam into Fuego youre dead once melee gets goin…& if youre a “toughie” you better stun me FAST after Fuego because you will be splash stun->night, night son :sleeping: …then ill go beatdown any witnesses lol

So glad this character isnt easymode anymore.


I just solo’d the algorithm with him and he can do some crazy ass damage like no joke. He just takes getting used to, like a lot of the characters I’ve noticed.

[quote=“phiyaboi, post:17, topic:1451525, full:true”]clothesline into slam into Fuego youre dead once melee gets goin.

You go clothesline > splash > feugo? What is the advantage of that over fuego then splash which gives you the stun?

El Dragon Beat Down

I steamrolled this team so bad that the Mel player accused me of cheating and “reported” me to Xbox Live lol