So Elemental dmg effect is still pretty bad

Here i am lvl almost 50, having Violent Tapestry, Avatar, Anima and the one that increases elemental dmg.
As for whatever reason BL3 has no test dummy area?! If anything they should have added more, WAY MORE enemy types and whatnot to shoot at, rather hard to tell just how bad it is, but it is bad.
I digress.

Anyways, there are several problems, one is previously discussed in another topic about how Avatar functions. The other problem is that i hoped for once that elemental chance was an additive bonus like crit multiplier seems to be.
Alas it seems to be a multiplier working on the base chance the weapon says, and even if it werent the case the amount of dots you can apply is a mere joke, im not even sure the duration increase works. Too hard invest into something where you might aswell just take anything but Maliwan even for Amara, dots are once again too weak for the game. BL3 messed up a nice oppertunity for dots or different utility in weaponry, i hope this will be changed so atleast one class can make heavy use of Maliwan.
I dont mind the actual hit of Maliwans are weak, i actualy embrace it, but when it isnt compensated through dots its a hard sale to pitch.

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“Below Marcus’ shop, you can visit the shooting range, a gunslinging minigame that gives you a limited time to blast a series of creature cutouts. Aspiring sharpshooters can try for high scores in Normal and Challenge modes, or you can just fire off a few rounds and test a new weapon in a low-stakes setting.”

I can only speak for the elementalist, orange tree, and the elemental damage is amazing.

When fully specced into the Fist of the Elements tree the elemental DOTs do quite a bit of damage. Not as much as pure gun damage but it’s a noticable addition, even at level 50. They aren’t as strong as in BL1 but stronger than in BL2 from my experience.


To get the most out of Amara you have to take advantage of Annoited weapons, gear, and relics that give weapon and elemental damage after action skill usage.

There are videos of people 1 shoting boses after phaseslam using a Jakobs Hellwalker shotgun.

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Yes theres a shooting range… but no dummy to hit to test weapons/abilties etc. Shooting range isnt the same they had it in BL2 but not here, its beyond me.


i came to the forums in the hopes someone was bringing this up

yea, kinda
i mean, do remember that, yes, duration bonus does work, i definitely used Anima and a mod for it while i was a low level, so i was DoTing something, and running away, while it just… died

so i suppose they want you to have a “hit and run” tactic, or a “swap weapons often” tactic, for more… harder content, so you can load up on DoTs to the elemental weakness, then go for something global like radiation/cryo or explosive/non elemental

but still, i do wish elemental DoTs stacked… a little bit higher, the cap just feels… really low

i think i read somewhere that BL2 had a max of like 6 or something?
like that just sounds kinda insane, when you think about it
it’s fine if they’re worrying about them being “too” strong, but i mean, christ, i still wish it were a little more…

this honestly really bug me, for multiple reasons
testing is important, and having a static target makes testing so much easier, and much more reliable

The hellwalker rolls with the phaseslam annointed buff? I have only ever found the 2 same
Announted buffs in it but that’s pretty good if it can.

It can roll with any anointed mod.

Okay just making sure as I haven’t seen any with any other annointed buffs and now there’s a current topic on reddit where multiple people all have only received the handling/accuracy annointed buff for kings call and no one has gotten any other variant (atleast reported any other)

I just checked my mules because I thought I got one with damage at some point. Looks like my memory tricked me. I only have handling/accuracy and elemental effect chance/damage. Maybe they changed that at some point.

I’m level 39 on mayhem 1 normal mode and elemental dmg doesn’t seem too bad but feels like its rapidly getting worse over the last couple levels. I’m not yet convinced that its bad instead of gear dependent. I did find a shotgun that was lvl 20 and still 1 shot almost anything with its radiation dot up until about lvl 35 though so if I can get more guns like that then there might be hope.

I have invested roughly half of my skill points into improving elemental dot damage, but it doesn’t feel worth it. Usually it’s better to just go for pure gun damage since that’ll kill things quicker. There are a few things that could fix Amara’s elemental tree:

Wildfire and Conflux should be merged into one skill. Both feel very weak separately, because the dots created by Conflux are incredibly weak and don’t seem to scale with the effect that triggered it, and the chance for Wildfire is so low and the spread damage is negligible.

After merging both into Conflux, then replace the effect of Wildfire with a 3-point skill that allows dots to stack up to four times (one more time for each point).

This would most definitely fix her elemental tree and the dot damage wouldn’t feel so useless.


The gunslinging minigame you quoted is not a true test. No damage numbers appear, you can’t apply dots, and the targets pop up and disappear.

So you can’t see how much damage your doing, they disappear on one shot so you can’t test elemental damage per second, and it doesn’t have a health bar, so you can test how good a weapon does against health, shield or armor.

You also can’t see the range of your abilities, so I have no far reach some of my abilities have before they won’t hit multiple targets.

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I’ve found several at this point, including slam bonus dmg

Some guns do thousands of DOTs a melee Amara with the Dragon something relic DOTs can hit for what ever your melee damage is

I know TVHM all elemental damage is increased against whatever their weakness is so you will be hitting even harder