So... Empire Earth remastered?

I think that was a great game. I tried to play empire earth 2 hyped as hell when it came out but it wasnt an improvement for me, the only thing i liked is the roads/bridges and zones. empire earth 3 was even worse, with that antioptimization technology they used, i could use a titan x and it still would lag.

i think that a remasterization focusing in ee1, but also including optionally game modes like ee2 (roads, bridges, zones and resources like oil) and maybe including some less buildings (lets be honest, there was a shitton of them) would be great.

there is also something more. the camera and unit sizes… ee1 were pretty good, but i cant describe what happened in ee2, everything seems like toys. in ee3 was a bit better but not good enough as ee1, they still seemed toys (talking about camera and unit scaling).

Could you do it? Would you do it?


Who owns it?

Ive been wondering this for years…

it would be the perfect game.

the amount of people willing to buy a game like this would be huge, is a type of game that doesn’t get old. I own a gtx 980 gpu, latest hardware and still play EE1 from time to time…

Id really love to see many more with the same petition.


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Wasn’t it made by Sierra

Another of thier games then… Like Homeworld…

“Sierra was revived in 2014 by Activision Blizzard. It now focuses on re-releasing their old games, reviving their franchises and collaborating with independent developers for smaller projects.”

Spyro the dragon was a Sierra invention. Might get lucky and get EE.

If they do what they did with stronghold though when they released stronghold 3 I will cry.

Edit: holy crap I forgot Sierra made half life. They were the creators of modern FPS! Though technical ID get in their first as Dooms creator. Gbx and 2k wonder along 10 odd years later and are like. Let’s smash FPS and RPG together, for ■■■■■ and giggles. XD I love gaming history man. You’ve made me wanna install transport tycoon and theme hospital now, I’ve gone all nostalgic

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Don’t worry, you have only aged 30 years! :wink: