So 🔍enemies spawn with mayhem.10 guns.. :) i dont mind give us mayhem..10.shields already

Pretty much the title. I found it weird to only scale weapons now finally grenades and AS… Which arent scaled enough. We have a justification for more shields.

Also for the love o Torgue n actual mods can we have more mobs and variations? I enjoy the hordes and blowing stuff away.

While i miss mayhem 4 which felt like a refinement of my build itsnthe same.weapon dmg.and guns as jon mayhem.back in 1.0.

I want a challenge and not a self handicap.

Please more.spawns and enemy variety…

And for the love o McShootyface Buff Bosses! Theyre wet paper bags…is it cuz loot drops so.horribly for some its justification that theyre easy? What happend to mayhem should mean more loot? Still dont see it.

Please let us have some difficulty at mayhem 10 that not just artificially jacked up enemy stats and add some.l variety like Bl2 did i Uvhm or tvhm

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