So everyone is just cool with them announcing another skill tree you have to pay for right?

Like really? They drop this after a clearly rushed finale season pass dlc and it’s slated for this same year, and you are going to have to pay for it. It seems like so many are just cool with this and it just leaves me scratching my head. Of course game devs keep doing this stuff because well, they apparently can get away with it…


They delivered what was promised in the season pass. I’ll probably buy the newly announced dlc because I like playing the game. Is the current game perfect? Of course not, but it’s good enough to keep me playing. My major gripe lies with the mayhem modifiers, but outside of that I can’t think of anything else that would turn me off from playing the game.


I have no problem with more dlc. I have a titanic problem locking an entire skill tree behind a pay wall that will most likely be insanely powerful (because looking at dlc weapons we all know it’s going to happen)


I’m cool with it. It’s pretty much what I expected from Gearbox at this point. I’ve already stated that I’m not giving them another dime of my money on this game and I meant that. As far as I’m concerned what it is now is all it will ever be, and I’m not even interested enough in the game to finish DLC4. I literally stopped playing after breaking open the castle gate because it just wasn’t fun anymore, and I don’t think any new skill tree is going to change that.

Quite the opposite, it indicates that Gearbox is going to make things much worse. They’ve spent most of the last 6 months locking all the best weapons and gear behind pay DLC, why wouldn’t they make you pay for any future “improvements”? They’ll ram their broken Mayhem 2.0 system down our throats for free, but if you want a gun that is actually balanced for it you have to pay extra.

I no longer care. They’re still not getting another dime of my money. New skill tree, more DLC, better gear, doesn’t make a bit of difference when the core game is broken and boring.


I didn’t see a single damage skill in FL4K’s new tree, and aside from one skill (the one that gives shield restore on crit) most of the tree looked unimpressive so far. I think these skill trees are going to be balanced more like DLC class mods (meh to alright) then DLC weapons (meh or OP).


Absolutely stoked for a 4th skill tree on all the characters, and don’t mind one bit paying for the upcoming changes. :slight_smile:


Console player. I’m jumping ship after DLC4. When a version with both season passes and the extra skill trees is available, I’ll come back on PC. And even then I’ll probably wait for a sale. The magic from 1, 2, and TPS is pretty much gone imo. Happy that people still have fun with 3, I’m just no longer part of that camp. But I think it still has potential which is why I’ll return once this game is truly completed. There are a lot of issues that should be fixed before new content drops.


And the little creeping voice in your head didn’t suggest that they showed ONLY that skill tree for advertising purposes and to not make people angry about something they are going to be angry about? Maybe I’m just too cynical these days, but I’ve been proven right far too many times at this point…

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The peak was a paid add on wasn’t it? Krieg and Gaige were paid add ons. What is the issue? Game will be perfectly playable without the 4th skill tree. No one will be forced to buy it to keep on enjoying the game.


I don’t understand what you’re saying? Of course they showed the tree for advertising purposes, there’s no other reason to give early looks at content.

As for whether or not people will be angry (I suppose about it not being in the season pass)… :man_shrugging:t2:. They delivered the content they were obligated to in the season pass. How the playerbase feels about it is one thing, but you did get exactly what you paid for and 4th skill trees weren’t included.


Dude, a LOT of us have been flaming this since they announced it earlier today.


Correct. Krieg, Gaige, and the UVHM upgrade #2 were all DLC separate from the season pass which got you the four story DLCs.

This is nothing new. It’s happened before, and I don’t remember there being this much uproar when they did it during Borderlands 2. I get it, GBX hasn’t exactly handled BL3 well, but this isn’t an issue (IMO). Whether or not I personally buy future content simply depends on what they decide to fix or not fix going forward.


I was more annoyed by Krieg and Gaige back then. I think I’ve become slightly numb to DLC shenanigans. It takes some Tecmo Koei level nonsense to irk me these days.

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Yep. Sounds like this is fomo driven.

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Honestly I have hard time understanding this outrage, though. Since the beginning we all knew what we were getting with Season pass 1: four story-based DLC expansion packs. That’s exactly what we got. Now that the season pass is over, and they’ve upheld their end of the deal, it’s time to move forward with new content. Sorry but that’s just the way it is :confused:


My biggest problem personally with these trees being behind a paywall, aside from being directly announced after the severely lacking Fustercluck, is that these are the stand in for additional DLC characters. So I will just go on a limb here and will assume that these will cost around 7-10 bucks each.

So now I have to ask myself if Gearbox is saying a 10€ character isn’t profitable, why should I pay the same price for 1/3 of the former and without even a cool character that has its complete own unique story, dialogue and head and skins.

I would gladly give GBX my 10 bucks but would rather do this for an additional character than just a single skill tree.


It’ll probably be when I hang it up for this go round. I just don’t expect it to be done smoothly.


Initial impressions, the Fl4k tree is disappointing. I’m very underwhelmed so far, I’m going to wait for a sale since BL3 does that a lot anyways. Not gonna lie, this game has burnt me out on the franchise so I’m willing to just not spend money on a heartbeat anymore. Also, I’m broke as hell.


The reason people didn’t mind paying for content after the BL2 season pass was because it was a great, funny, enjoyably balanced game. This one isn’t.


I will give them my money. they seem to be working on it. if i can support them to make this a great game i will. i did with the other games and this ones no different.