So everyone is just cool with them announcing another skill tree you have to pay for right?

Totally agree

Perfectly fine with me. We got a lot out of the season pass. If they’re going to keep making content for the game they deserve to keep being payed!

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Who is this we to whom you refer, and what is your metric for “a lot”, by which you imply said “we” to approve as a metric of worth?

Because I certainly do not feel like there was a lot “given” to us - given at $40, cheapest - in these last 4 DLCs. One could argue that THJ was a legit, fully-fleshed out campaign… but those hurried flashback bits speak otherwise. And, if anything, THJ was, far and away, THE MOST complete, DLC content that Gearbox has released for BL3, with every successive DLC being inferior to, and offering substantially less than the one before it. The Fustetcluck would be aptly named, were it not so obviously Gearbox being patently and condescendingly self-aware of the sparseness of the too lacking to even merit the term bare-bones, nature of the whole… package. Carton. Smallish empty box.


It’s good enough by my standards. Having played 46 days worth of game time, I’d say its definitely worth the money. As to your question on being easily satisfied, that’s subjective. We’re all our own judge of what is satisfactory work.

Threads like this come across as people who aren’t happy with their purchase trying to chide others into feeling bad about it as well. I get it, there are a number of people who aren’t happy with the season pass. Why they consistently feel the need to question how others can be satisfied when they aren’t is something I can’t understand. It’s like people who tried to guilt others into boycotting Chick-Fila, you won’t get people to not buy something they enjoy just because you don’t think they should enjoy it.

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If that was my job, I’d be fired for just ‘satisfactory work’.

I’m not sure what your point is.

I dont really see the problem here? Any ARPGs charges for their extra classes unless you are always online like POE.

I had to pay for necromancer for Diablo 3 and necro/oathkeeper for Grim dawn. But thats an entire balancing design dev need to put alot of effort into.

Sure we are all here to voice opinions. You don’t see many people praising how fantastic, exceptional, nor how over the top GBX has went with this game. The thing is, people don’t even seem super enthusiastic anymore, even the ones who still support GBX admit they would like some kind of changes. All reviews started off good but took a landslide down the coarse of a year. DLC4 has a near 80% NEGATIVE player review rating, yet for some reason IGN has it as a 7/10.

People are either outraged, betrayed, ignored, complacent, content, or just satisfied. There doesn’t seem to be many people who are singing praises about GBX like they used to. Heck, I was one of them. It is like all sides have given up and just accepted their path. Like I said, if I just did the bare minimum to do satisfactory work, I’d be fired. I have to keep repeat business and go over the top to keep customers happy and gain new ones.


Not really.

Posts like yours do, however. If you are truly happy, then why come into a thread where someone is expressing their obvious dissatisfaction, trying to shame them for expressing themselves, thus doing exactly what you are accusing them of doing?

Your coming in here to come at their opinions is your choice. And you choose to attack their opinions. The OP was expressing his opinion, and inviting others of a similar mental bent to discuss their shared feelings, and maybe even what might be done to fix the issues they are having. To tell them that everything is fine for you, brings nothing to improve their experience.

We get it - you are satisfied enough that you don’t want to hear other opinions.

But, here’s the thing:

The complainers care. Just as much as you do. Maybe more.

The people who flatout hate the game have long left. The silent majority that has jumped ship, isn’t here. Only we with a glimmer of hope remain. Maybe it would behoove us to not drive each other away?


Let’s can the personal swipes, please. Opinions are allowed as long as they are expressed in a civil manner as per the FORUM RULES.

Who’s doing that? I’ve made it quite clear that I don’t see the value in new skill trees, but I’m also not responding to people saying they will buy it with stuff like this

I’ve been an extremely vocal critic of this game for months now. I have no issues with laying into GB when needed. But this thread isn’t about GB, this is asking other community members how they feel about paying for new content, and then being incensed that some people actually want to pay for it. It’s a bit ridiculous to ask people if they’re cool with paying for something you don’t like, and then seemingly being upset that they are. I’m not interested in this content at the moment, but other people are and I’m not going to make it seem like a crime against gamer kind that they are.


It is because of this kind of thought that games are infested with useless dlcs, microtransactions, and all that crap.
If you think something is wrong or messed up, you have to express it out loud and try to change it or at least try to raise a question about the issue, and that is for life.

And is quite fair to assume that the majority of the community is not that happy about it as well.

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I question the concept of gamer kind, but that’s a whole other issue.

I think that the issue that they have, is that the people who “are happy to pay for [new content]” are giving the corporations no incentive to act in, as you say, “gamer kind’s” best interests… or anything other than their own literal vested interests, making monetary profits for shareholders and CEOs, which is all that the glorious, genuine people who are corporations are ever concerned with.

People like the OP feel like the only way to express genuine concern for themselves and their fellows, is to go after the only thing that corporations care about- their bottom dollar. And he has a legit point. At least if history is anything to go by.


Yes, you do. But to the devs, not to players who are enjoying the game and are satisifed with their purchase.

Do you appreciate strangers telling you how to spend your money? If not, then you shouldn’t dress your lecturing others on their purchasing choices as “expressing criticism”. That has nothing to do with expressing opinions about the game, but moreso the people who play them and their preferences.

What does complaining about people buying this season 2 pass have to do with going after a company’s bottom dollar? Tell me what in the above quotes accomplishes that goal? All it’s doing is trying to push people into not purchasing content for a game they like simply because he doesn’t like the game’s monetization. It’s none of my, or his, or anyone’s business how other members of this community spend their money.


But Necro in Diablo was just as bad, a lot of people were not content with it, and in Grim Dawn, Necro and Oathkeeper came with a full sized expansion, with a crap ton of new itens, new enemies, new bosses, a complete history, gigantic maps and quite a lot of new mechanics that enhanced the game a lot, not to mention the Shatered Realm, and all that for only $20 bucks, for now it doesn’t compare to 4 skills tress and a new “game mode” we don’t even know what’s gonna be yet.

Of course, gotta see what the price for this “new DLC” is gonna be first, but i don’t think it’s gonna be cheap like that, probably the same price of those campaing DLC or maybe even more expensive.

I don’t appreciate a lot of opinions.

For instance,I do not appreciate religious people telling me how to live my life.

But I am also not going to browse their forum topics and be outraged at their voicing said beliefs therein.

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Do you live in fairy tale land, man? The devs have no power about that, they are just devs, this is the company, and the OP is trying to raise a question to the community, raising a mob so it can affect the company (companies don’t care about foruns, they only speak money), I think this is something that you are not used to, but that’s how things can change.

Besides, I don’t appreciate strangers telling me how I should express myself in foruns, but guess what…


And then the mob attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with it? Please explain to me how this

is meant to accomplish anything other than pull people down for deciding to spend money on this game? Implying that people who are interested in buying Season 2 have low standards and are perpetuating predatory monetization in the gaming industry is pretty condescending.


Except that I am buying the new dlc and have stated it multiple times given what we got in bl2 vs bl3 yes we have gotten less when we spent money also it’s just reality that season passes only benefit the publisher and dev as there is no benefit to giving up the incentive for a company to earn the money they want that’s just part of capitalism

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