So everyone is just cool with them announcing another skill tree you have to pay for right?

I really really really see no problem in any of that, I don’t know where you are from, but that is pretty much normal way to raise awareness to an issue where I’m from (you know, make you think about your decisions), we don’t go offending people left and right, but you are not my baby son that needs delicate words.


It isn’t condescending.

It is his opinion.

It is also correct, in this case.

To say otherwise is to say that putting more towards a game that still has 99% of its Day 1 bug, glitches, and system killing defects, around a year into its having gone Gold, is something other than having low standards.

If that isn’t having low standards, then there simply is no standard to be had.


I don’t disagree with that. However, part of capitalism is also that everyone is free to spend their money how they see fit. Some people here consider BL3 to be worth the money they have spent to date and even some additional. Good on them if that’s what they want to spend their money on.

Yes, because this

Is really going to make anyone rethink their decisions…

You are getting one bad apple, I can’t talk for him, send him a PM if you didn’t like what he said.

And that’s why we live in a free society so you can have a civil discussion and bring these kinds of things up just like I bought up my point if you don’t like it you can discuss or ignore it I don’t care what you do with your money but you phrase your response like I some how control your bank account and can stop funds going in if I disagree with your purchase choice


I think you can find enough evidence that system killing defects are not consistent across the player base. Plenty of people have consistent problems with the optimization of the game, some have had no issues at all. I don’t think it’s fair to expect people to hold standards for an issue that doesn’t effect them.

I don’t think I did. If you think so please bold out the response that said that and I’ll correct it.

I just think it’s mean-spirited to go after other players because they see value in paying for additional content when someone else doesn’t. I’m no fan of the current state of the game, but I’ve never seen a single person convinced that what they are doing is wrong by name calling them, and there have been some responses in this thread that have gone to that point.

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Personally I don’t think its cool that I spent a hundred dollars on what is and continues to be a beta program.


This when did I say they can’t I recommended against it this implies I said they can’t

And can you quote my name calling given you have highlighted me in this

I hindsight, I misinterpreted. I read “you are lowering your standards” rather than “are you”. What I get for not taking a second look. I apologize.

See above. In the context of what I thought your comment said it seemed like you were implying that people who chose the buy it where lowering their standards, while I meant to say that people have different standards and there are people who would find season 2 to be worth paying for upfront.

Okay… let me see if I have this straight…

So because some people were not affected by a particular gamebreaking or system breaking defect, that somehow delegitamizes the complaint?


Not for the RRoD, not for the YLoD, not for this.

Yes - everyone should hold that standard, lest the next defect comes for them, and there is no one else left to stand up for them. It is really very, very simple. It’s so simple that paraphrasing a quote about the Nazis isn’t even an outlandish reach.

Also: nobody is name-calling.

Not even a single shrill cry of shill has been uttered herein.

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And I can see how in today’s climate that even after you reread it may sound like a veiled insult but it was a legitimate question not some thing to respond to but to think about with out judgement the same question given how I feel about this game why on earth am I buying the next dlc and tbh partially it’s probably completionism and sunk cost fallacy tbh

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I would have preferred a new character but all the same I’ll eventually purchase these new skill trees as I do enjoy new builds. Might replay the game again with an entirely new tree when it comes out just to see how it does. My main is Moze so doing the game with her helper is going to be funny.

I am torn on the issue since the pandemic probably swayed a lot of their future plans and this is what HAS to happen on their end however I also want to give them credit that an entirely new skill tree is a lot of work. I take it that in order to make a skill tree they have to go back and work on all their calculations and interactions with the previous 3 trees THEN do co-op testing to see how the new tree interacts with other VHs. I’m sure the actual work input is higher in creating a new tree and I think that is what Gearbox may be basing stuff on. That they are putting so much work so the outcome must be worth it but I just don’t see like that. If it takes 5000 man hours to create a new skill tree for the existing VHs I’d still rather them take 3000 man hours and create a half-assed new VH.

What a weird discussion we had here, we were basically explaining how bad reviews and boycott work lol.
Imagine the paradise it would be for corporations if everyone would just accept shady behavior without any kind of backlash.
My country is messed up sometimes, but that point my people get it right.

Why is it that you can’t point out that not every one is effected by something without people assuming that means you think it doesn’t matter?

Of course the crashing issue is bad, but if someone hasn’t experienced crashing you can’t really say that they have no standards when the game has worked fine for them.

Let me just quote the OP real quick.

There are two parts to this. Part 1 “Like really? They drop this after a clearly rushed finale season pass dlc and it’s slated for this same year, and you are going to have to pay for it.”

Understandable. Asking why GB/2K is charging for new skill trees, what one could consider integral to the characters, as paid content.

Part 2- “It seems like so many are just cool with this and it just leaves me scratching my head. Of course game devs keep doing this stuff because well, they apparently can get away with it…”

Questioning why the community collectively is seemingly ok with this (which is an assumption on its own, but regardless).

This is the part of the thread that my responses have been addressed to. The game’s issues have been beaten to death at this point and for most part the only disagreement on that front comes down to the extent to which we feel they effect the game, from “a lot but tolerable” to “unplayable mess”. My point has only been that, just as it was insanely irritating and uncool when we had posters down play complaints about Mayhem 2.0 by pulling the “git gud scrub” defense, it’s equally grating to see “how come normies want to buy a thing that I don’t want to buy”.

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I honestly question the whole idea that a new character, that basically entails only THREE trees, and a model which could easily amount to a pre-existing one with a paint job and a face swap, is somwhow more difficulty to program than FOUR new trees, and balancing each of them seperately within the concept and context of the particular character each of them is to be incorporated into, is somehow HARDER to craft than a new character.

But they wont balance it.

They will just dump it out there.


Some one pointed out how it was odd for barley used dlc vault hunters to get their own dlcs I mean if so few people used them wouldn’t most people be clueless about these interactions with the main 4 vault hunters from bl2 tbh that is all I can say in public as gear box will ban me for talking out of place


So… The GOLD Zane Standard, all over again?


That one is true, in my case, never played Kreig. Played Gaige for maybe an hour. I know very little about both of them.

In TPS though, my favourite was Aurelia.

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