So everyone is just cool with them announcing another skill tree you have to pay for right?

I feel ya pain man… after just 7 months of BL3 I went back to BL2. If they wouldn’t have wasted all that time, money & effort on battleboring & put all that time & money in BL3, IMO I think BL3 would have been incredible & not rushed into release those last 2 months.

I blame myself for falling for it.

But I also blame the disparity between BL3 and everything BL that came before it.

There were abundant reasons to be overly confident in the game before it launched, before it launched.

It was a gamble, and I lost.

But Gearbox has forevermore lost me as a Day-1er.


As I understand it, they were not part of BL2 season pass 1. That was the 4 main DLCs only. Though tbf, I got the whole bundle with THC.

I love the DLC’s $10 each for hours of play, I am down, all day every day.

I dont understand why people are so down on the game. Its a shyte tonne of fun to play


Im going to buy it when they release it if:

  1. The new playmode is PVE and is NOT UVHM
  2. If the add more endgame content
  3. not combined with a level cap raise.

Overwise I’ll wait until the price falls down. I waited with the base game and the season pass 1 already and payed a total of 70$ on the ps4. They “promised” no level cap raise and if this came out in 2020 a level cap raise would just be another 3 months of playing on highest level. I dont want my level to be raised again…

people who are fine with the game will pay for it…

but there will be a LOT of players who won’t bother paying… a shame we won’t ever know the real numbers of how many people allready removed this game or won’t even bother with it…

for me the first 2 DLC’s where worth it… the other 2 not so much (the last one was realy short… and felt pretty recycled, also pretty boring)

an other skilltree won’t pull me back in… the game itself is pretty boring…


Well, people spending more money on less quality on a game results in developers realizing they can get away with releasing low quality content at possible an overprice. You can’t seriously tell me that you got more out of bl3 dlcs than out of bl2 dlcs. Tiny tina dlc was beyond any dlc we got in bl3. In addition, bl2 dlcs gave us more slaughter arenas AND raid bosses. You’re literally getting less quantity and quality for the same amount of money in borderlands 3.

Now they’re going to try to sell new skill trees instead of a whole class for probably the same price, if not even more. In addition to the fact that the new trees may be just as garbage as zane’s green tree.

We gamers have been getting less for more money for a long time now, not just in borderlands 3. It’s only natural that people who have had this hobby for a long time to complain. I get it, maybe you’re new or you don’t care about your money or the experience you’re getting, but you’re ruining it for the rest of us as well.


It is known that the retention is abysmal, maybe 1% of all players that bought the game are still playing.

What bother people the most is probably the outdated farming formula, combined with the anointment system which is basically another layer of rng. Nobody wants to farm a boss 400 times every time they raise the level cap. If only they made farming more interesting, maybe I would still play this game. It’s also sad that the anointment system is just a damage increase with very little interesting things outside of pure damage increase, so basically you’re farming for bigger numbers.

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for me it’s not so much the farming that makes the game so boring :wink:

the game itself is boring :rofl: i created mules to reset my quests only to replay the DLC… main game is just boring AF :frowning:

difficulty is pretty much non existant too… mayhem modifiers make the game anoying instead of hard

hell, the last DLC could be so awsome… but instead it’s just short and pretty boring… first 2 DLC where awsome…

i for one am not going to spend any more money on this game :sweat_smile: they can’t even fix the main game and the more content they create the more boring the game becomes…

said this many MANY times… but GBX kept shooting themselves in the foot over and over…

also, because of this game i don’t think i’ll ever buy an other Borderlands game (if they ever think of making a new one) or any GBX games… this game was a debacle start to now…


There’s a chance for the opposite.
With no season 2, the chance for them to actually take the effort to fix the whole game is pretty low, I think.
If people pay for season 2, you’ll get at least another full year of free hotfixes and patches and maybe, maybe also another overhaul.

I haven’t spent any money on this besides the base $60. I didn’t play most of the events and would honestly prefer they were paid DLC so I could access them whenever I want, but otherwise I’ve gotten 500 hours out of this game which, while not as much as TPS, is still a decent amount of time.

The solution here is that anyone who doesn’t like how this is priced just doesn’t buy the season 2 pass. If there are as many of you as you say, then GB learns their lesson. But this whole “someone is spending money on a thing I don’t want them to spend money on and it’s ruining my hobby” thing is just irritating. If your argument is purely one of value, then you can’t objectively convince someone that the experience they had with season 1 is invalid because you didn’t like it.

I mean, I haven’t bought a season pass for this game or any other besides TPS. Sure, I got the game day 1, but I haven’t paid a single cent for DLC. Heck, borderlands is one of the only games I bought full price.
I get assumptions make it easier to argue, but it’s really easy to not like where the game is right now, and still find it ridiculous that people are upset at how other people are spending their money.

No, they have not. Gaige was a pre-order bonus, but neither of them were ever in the season pass. Check the official description on the 2K page. As @EldeeFifty noted, they were bundled with the Handsome Collection, but that includes way more content than the original season pass.


Yeah, the main story is miserable. I remember picking up borderlands 2 from time to time and it was an absolute joy to play through the campaign. The pure story part aside in borderlands 3, what I find the most annoying are the overly mobile enemies that try to hide way too much, anointed enemies (of course) and the ‘talk to lilith’ parts that take like 15% of total playtime. I feel like the bosses are also slightly lazy/unenjoyable.

Gearbox had already proved that they can’t fix anything properly. Game used to be in a good state prior to mayhem 2.0 then they broke it by making 90% of all guns entirely useless and nerf guns. Even after all the gun buffs, it’s still worse than it was in mayhem 1.0.

That being said, the sooner they stop working on the game by erratically implementing patches and weekly hotfixes, the sooner modders can pick up the game and actually fix it. Borderlands 2 wasn’t that great either, but ucp made it much better. Not to mention all the other fun full conversion-ish mods that can pop up (like the one we have in borderlands 2 - ffyl lands mod).

Honestly, I’d pay gearbox for them to stop updating the game at this point, so competent people can fix the game. For free.


Alright, that’s fair I guess. Why not both though? If wizards want to cast magic on the game, they can do it right now. It wouldn’t hurt to have two versions of the game. One being altered and one original.

On the other side, gearbox has indeed proven, that they can mess stuff up, but the comments in nearly every hotfix- and patch-thread suggest, that they are also able to fix problems.

On a side note: I liked Mayhem4 1.0 as well, and I have a feeling the new game mode might be something with less…mayhem-ish. We’ll see.

The modders can’t start modding the game exactly because they update the game too often. As I understood, every time gearbox update/hotfix the game, files needed for the modding to be possible break and modders would have to figure it out every time, which would mean a lot of unnecessary work on their part.

That is indeed the case, but ninjas could also shadow clone jutsu the game to stand alone and then have wizards cast magic. It’s still more effort, but possible. Because shadow clones don’t call their parents on their own anymore.

There are two separate matters.

They have every right in the world to charge money for new content. Everything included in the season pass/super deluxe edition has been released.

Two: anyone has the right to feel the game didn’t live up to the expectations and the hype and we’ve been through a whole year of bugs, coop issues, balance calamities and an ever mutating experience that felt ultimately lackluster. As a result, those people have every right in the world not to spend one extra dime on this game.
I am among those people.


True, but I figure modders want to wait until all the features of the game has been released so they won’t have to integrate stuff that comes along the way at a later date.

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