So far the campaign is a waste of time

Just today 4 times in a row the team of randoms I was in has failed different missions. I assume a premade group would do better but it’s pretty dumb to have to restart a mission completely when failing the final wave. If I wanted to play a difficult game and punish myself, I’d play Dark Souls. At least in Dark Souls I would know it was my own mistake that caused my death and not faulty matchmaking or bad game mechanics. It’s only the first day and I’m regretting buying this game that’s more tower defense than anything.

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It’s definitely no tower defense. Maybe the MP mode and a Campaign mission or two (I only know of one that’s nothing but) but the variety is there, trust me.

Also, it comes down to it being a new game that everyone’s purchased, Beta players & new players alike. There’s a TON of characters for the newcomers to take in, and they’re mostly finding their favorite(s) & learning the moveset & skill tree of each. I’d give it a couple of weeks or so before everyone knows their way around the field.

If anything, you could use the forums to team up with other Beta players. At least then you know that everyone’s had a hand with the game & have their favorites heroes known & ready to use :acmaffirmative:

The one mission other than the prologue that hasn’t been a tower defense mission was Isic’s mission and that was actually fun to play and beatable with a team of randoms. So far all other missions are “defend this point for X number of waves then move to next point and repeat.” They’re not actually fun to do when the final wave swarms the point and ends the mission after 30 minutes wasted. Sadly those missions unlock characters faster than ranking up does.

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It really can be infuriating. I played The Renegade 3 times in a row and consistently lost on the final wave. I want to finish all of the story missions but also felt like my time had been wasted. Me and my friend both went back to multiplayer and started having fun again. A checkpoint system or literally anything would be better than having to redo a mission. Especially when 3/3 times we ended up with 8+ lives that didn’t matter or help. I’m sure its better with a premade team, but its very annoying when I just wanted to try out Caldarius.

I solo all of the missions to complete the story and to have control of what missions I wanted. I found randoms are a hit or miss when it comes down to it so I made sure I complete the story first so that I would not be dissapointed. It does suck when you failed a mission but it just one of the things that happen when playing with randoms.

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Played renegade today and man was it a close one to victory. I was which a bunch of lvl2 new randoms like me. It felt good but man was it tense. If we hadn’t had Shayne summoning Aurox and me(oscar mike) dropping bombs and napalm at choke points, it would have easily been lost.

I’m completely with you. It’s absolutely demotivating if you are failing 9 of 10 missions not because of losing too many lives but of the sheer number of enemies swarming the core. Even with a friend, we played as a duo it was absolutely ridiculous, we couldn’t do a thing.

I hope they will fix it either that there are less enemies oder the cores have more health or there is some way of repairing them at least

The campaign missions definately need more enemies. There are too few to shoot at, when in a team bigger than 3. Bigger maps in Serious Sam style with hordes of monsters would be nice.

Also some ‘open world missions’ with big areas to explore and variable encounters and side-quests would significantly beef up the experience.

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That’s an interesting idea that could be explored in DLC, but there would be so so so much extra work involved to create something like that, so I doubt we can expect something that ambitious.

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did renegade on the first try. at least the enemies spawn in set areas.
last wave of saboteur, everything spawns around nova at the same damn time.
the stupid little walls that protect her rear suddenly don’t work on the last wave.
and those stupid varelsi that cheese those floor spikes can not only go through walls but can hit nova even though she’s ten feet above it.
the closest I got was with isic and his front shield during his ultimate. still had 25% nova health left until that last varelsi spammed that floor spike crap.

Ran around with a premade of 4-5 last night. We did advanced missions 1-4 and had a blast. It was a lot more fun than I expected.

I’ve had the odd loss in the campaign missions with the exception of The Saboteur. I’ve still had no luck with that so far.

Not having fun trying to play with randoms on some of the missions. That last defense part of The Sabetour is just annoying as anything.

I enjoy the campaign, it is a bit tough on the completely new players, but I figure after a few days most of them will have found what suits them and things will get easier. Its been out one day, I don’t expect people to be all that great at it. It sucks to fail, but people gotta learn somehow.


I have beat every mission, minus heliophage, with Randoms. They were challenging and you have to keep in mind the different skill levels of these people that might have just picked up the game. When you matchmake for Story you are given 3 random options and the later mission are DEFINITELY harder then the lower end ones. Algorithm is the first mission thus it’s pretty easy.

I have over 20 hours in now and I have seen people slowly learn bit by bit and get better and better with missions. I have gold on 1-7 all with randoms. Everyone has to give a little for it to work, sometimes you get screwed on team comp because everyone wants to be their favorite character and when you get 3x Caldarious’ on The Archive, things tend to go south really quick. LOL


Keep in mind that instituting a checkpoint system for objective fails wouldn’t make things any easier, it would just help players learn the mechanics faster.

After a checkpoint respawn the objective would still start with the same initial health abd you would still have the same waves of enemies to face, but you would be able to immediately try different tactics. As it is now you have to requeue and HOPE you get the one you failed as one of the 3 mission choices and then HOPE the other players vote for it.

As is, many players won’t get a chance to attempt that scenario again for a day or more. Thay makes learning more difficult. Throw in the fact that different team comps require differwnt tactics and the learning curve becomes very steep and difficult to surmount.

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I just think that casual/regular players are less likely to keep trying over and over again and will quickly move on from this game. Especially with all of the competition coming out over the next couple of weeks.

I’d hate to see the player base get smaller than it will be already due to some gamers getting frustrated from trying to clear the ‘normal’ mode with all randoms (which is usually how casual gamers will play).

I don’t understand why everyone thinks this game is so hard. I’ve played four campaign missions, solo que with different teams of randoms and haven’t failed one yet. Play the objective together and there should be no way you fail. Keep at it guys!

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On defence missions thumper turrets, slow & flash grenades are your friends… Use the little glowing boxes to get more shards (I found this out last night after having the game for 3-4 days already… They allow you to accumulate plenty of shards to upgrade you gear and place down plenty of defence points…

This is the best game I’ve bought in a long time :+1:, so much fun… I agree to an extent though as spending 30 mins plus on a mission only to be given the middle finger for failing the last checkpoint is really disheartening, but it isn’t exactly a game breaker…

Do it solo, much easier :slight_smile:

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