So far what I think

this is going to take some getting used to for sure. One thing I do like so far is it’s shows peoples av as a reply. So what are your testing thoughts.

I’m impressed with this new engine, and glad that I’m able to help beta test this since I normally can’t handle changes that well.

I hate this place. I’m going back to vB. Later, guys.

I’m with 0taku on this one. I was a little sceptical of the engine at first, but I actually quite like it now

EDIT: Joe wasn’t kidding, he’s everywhere on the vB boards right now

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I’m telling you guys… in a few days you’ll be trying to “like” posts on vB and highlight to quote. It’s hilarious.

@JoeK I know, I’m doing it already. Sidenote, is it still BB Code on here?

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Discourse is Markdown native. There are some instances (like, [QUOTE] for example) where there’s additional meta data that is only possible through BB, but overall, no. You shouldn’t need it anyway… at least not in the same way it was used on vB.

This looks cleaner on mobile, just not as familiar.

I will adapt :smile:

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Horses mouth, I agree save us from this stupidity.
I Blame Jeff and you.

I refuse to use the @ symbol for anything but email.

I waited 3 hours for it to load on my phone, still won’t load.

You’ll come to the dark side of the “@”. They always do… The soft cushion of convenience is too much for them to resist… You look tired from all that typing, @Blutfatal… very tired…

I bing search my own name 17 times a day as it is.
I don’t need the @.



PROS: Very clean look. Very fast to load for me. Many great new features.

CON: Seems to lend itself better to Tweet style “short & sweet” comments or posts.

It’s great users can upload photos and it’s easier to embed media in a post.

Also it seems so much valuable info & posts will be lost as older forums are moth-balled. An example is when your looking for a tip to beat a boss or get a mission done - you’ll have ask for that info instead of search older posts for it.

What phone and what OS?

Because free MS points and ■■■■ google.

T9292 and windows 7 mango

Has a lot of features for sure, not very user friendly, not easy to find threads, hate that it’s one long running thread and not paged.

At the moment I prefer the old board, but that’s probably just instinctive resistance to change. Probably won’t matter much for a serial lurker like myself, truth be told.

You should wait until they update to potato.