So Gearbox, are you going to ever fix the stuttering issues?

Dear Gearbox, I like your game. It is a well crafted piece of software design wise and I have spent some time on the console version (my son owns an Xbox) it is very stable there for the most part.

However, I have a powerful PC and yet I cannot even bring myself to play this game due to constant stuttering left and right. Every action in the game, from opening chests, killing enemies and even walking around for a bit can bring on quick FPS drops, which cause stuttering when using vsync. I use vsync as I cannot stand screen tearing, I like my image to look smooth.

I have tried several solutions, nothing is working. I have waited for patches, nothing has changed. Some people have even gone as far as to suggest their performance has even decreased. That is not acceptable. You promised people that you would tackle these performance issues, but yet we are already in 2020 and you have not provided any information regarding future patches in order to tackle the problem.

So my final question is this. Are you going to finish fixing your game or are you going to pull a ‘Ubisoft’ ignoring everybody until so much time has passed that you will hope it will just go away?

Shameful. As a full time senior doctor here in the UK I would never allow anyone to adapt such casual attitudes to their jobs.


If this is similar issue I’m facing on my laptop (not on my PC though), I would make a ticket to support, posting on forum is waste of time imho. We wont get an answer here.

These issues have been here since launch, and have only gotten slightly better.
Seems paid content is their focus.

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