So Gearbox explain this please

the meaning of the gungun gets pretty meaningless if it doesnt drop any legendaries (while you said it could) and i dont want to spend my eridium in the 1 single slot machine and wait until eternity to get something nice out of it
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I think your perspective is somewhat skewed. They don’t owe you legendaries. Getting one from a slot machine is supposed to be an incredibly rare thing, and each item has the same percentage chance of being legendary. Say it’s 1%, that does NOT mean you’re guaranteed one every 100 attempts. That isn’t how RNG works. They don’t owe you anything, if you don’t want to pay eridium for a small chance, then don’t? Nobody is forcing you to. Go and farm a boss if you want cheaper legendaries, go and farm chests, something like that.

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RNG must hate me cause after hours of eridium farm, I spent over 3k eridium in one go on GunGun and got 0 legendaries. (I only did it for science to see if you even could get one.)

I wasn’t even sure the thing actually could give legendaries til I saw the video. The drop rate on it must be much lower than anything else in the game for sure. I am curious to what that actual number is.

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Simple invite your friend ingame which is severely underleveled and help him out tossing him guns every couple of levels.

Other than that fun.

That’s actually what I did. I had him picked up all the guns to sell them to increase his storage.

WeSmart :slight_smile:

You pay Typhon when you first meet him. It has like a 1-10% chance of pooping legendaries. Once you own it, the drop rate is basically non-existent.
Don’t know if that’s a bug or not, but yes, it can technically drop legendaries. Just not when you use it.

In this experiment what was your luck bonuses? I’ve been curious to try gungun once I have the final hunter perk unlocked that increase luck for 10 seconds after a kill. That combined with the +12 luck artifact and the other +12 from guardian ranks I’m hoping it may be a farmable possibility.

Mark it as junk and sell it

can it be sold ?

Yeah mark it as junk and you can sell it

Only way

Why sell something that doesn’t take inventory space?

did i said something like “hey gearbox you OWE me legendaries”?

I’m confused on what you want them to explain

if the gungun drops legendaries when you shoot it itself?