So GearBox pattern and nerf logic

Excluding the fact that some items really needed a fix/nerf because obv they were buggy like lyuda and elemental projector, lets be honest here they were a bit crazy and that change makes sense. But the other changes make no sense. Gear Box decides to nerf popular guns and boost a tiny useless bit the unpopular ones, they solved NOTHING besides pissing off some players and some quit or went offline mode.

GearBox pattern is simple, they watch youtube/twitch and see which guns perform better and are mostly popular, in the hotfix they simply nerf them without any actual testing inhouse by the developers. Please bear with me this is just my opinion and how I see things, so if I am wrong should be normal.

Please GearBox pull your shiit together and DO NOT come with untested stuff in a OFFICIAL patch, because its a hotfix players can let it pass and simply go offline mode, but if you try this in a official patch well… we got some negative reactions already from popular borderlands youtubers so my does not matter.

My simply peasant wish is simple STOP nerfing Legendaries because atm you made some legendaries WORSE than EPIC/RARE variants that exist in game, and this is a fact and I am sure you notice it also.

Here is a fun example

Please keep all hotfix responses in the hotfix thread linked below, this helps gearbox be able to see all responses in one place rather than spread around the forums.

Thank you