So gearbox's big surprise is MORE mayhem levels? Thoughts?

So, it’s established fact that every time gearbox adds a big loot farming event/mini-event they follow it up with some way to push players to get rid of whatever they’ve just looted, because gearbox seems to like trolling players, I guess.
Given that they’ve stated that 72 is the “final level cap”, the only way they can do this - other than just ignoring that and upping the level cap anyway, which I wouldn’t rule out tbh - is to raise the mayhem level cap instead. By adding more mayhem levels, with more weapon levels to correspond, the new best gear in the game will no longer be level 72 m10.
It might seem unlikely, but honestly, given their behavior thus far, this is my prediction.

What do you think the surprise is gonna be?

Will they raise the level somehow?
  • They’ll probably raise the level cap
  • They’ll probably raise the mayhem level max
  • They’ll probably raise both
  • They’ll probably do neither

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If you don’t think it’s some kind of cap raise, what will it be?
  • A new takedown
  • The last vault card (earlier than expected)
  • A new raid boss
  • A new standalone paid DLC (story based)
  • A third season pass
  • A new cosmetic pack DLC (final forms or something else)
  • Free stuff (gold/diamond key giveaway and/or free weapons or gear mailed to players)
  • Something wonderlands based (a new trailer or something)
  • Pearlescent gear
  • Other (comment below)

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Thanks in advance.

They may ads more mayhem levels but without adding mayhem levels to gear, i e adding difficulty without adding power.

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@kitehighland As unlikely as it seems this would actually fix a lot of the power creep imbalances. Rather than more mega sponge bosses just progressively more difficult levels similar to OP levels in BL2.


for only 9.99


LOL but of course!

  • tax not included.

was there an announcement that a “surprise” is coming???

There was something to that effect in one of the official annoucements - check the two pinned threads in the BL3 News section, should be in one of them (probably the anniversary one).

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I answered “something Wonderlands based,” but honestly I would be “surprised” if it was truly anything exciting.


Yeah, you can read it here: Celebrating Two Years of Mayhem!
Second last paragraph, says we’ve got more planned for the anniversary… But we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet.

So, they’ve planned 5 weeks of farming, a week of mayhem with less modifiers and more eridium, then a big surprise. Like I said, previously the surprise that followed farming events has been a level cap increase. I’m still predicting they’ll find some way to do something similar, to make it so everyone wasted their time farming and need to go get new gear, yet again.


Ok, thank you. The announcement was so exciting [sarcasm] that I completely missed it.


Another level cap would obliterate skill tree diversity just as hard as Pre-sequel since you could get all 3 capstones at once, so I doubt it.
Another mayhem level would be a terrible idea considering that they took a year of buffs/nerfs to have a reasonable endgame in terms of weapon viability
I doubt that they will add the third vault card this soon after the 2nd was released.
A third season pass is probably off the table as well, since the bulk of Gearbox devs are probably focusing on Tiny Tina’s new game.

Cosmetic packs, turning some legendaries into a higher tier, some free codes, short standalone stuff or a raid boss are probably the most reasonable things that can be expected for this game at this point in time.



A new standalone boss is more reasonable but this is what I want.


If its more Mayhem levels I sure hope they use things like MORE enemies, turrets, cartel mechanics then just making them bullet sponges. Had twelve badass heavies swarm me in the shaft the other night with unlimited rocket ammo and no need to reload, its not a challenge to empty 10 clips into something, it’s just annoying. Give me Zerg rushes, enemies deploying traps, turrets, calling in reinforcements, bug infestations whatever, just no more shoot it till your trigger finger hurts. /rant off


Here’s a Surprise no one has suggested or mentioned yet… well two things:

They Add new Mayhem Modifiers. Instead of a new level, they replace or rework some of the more tiresome mayhem modifiers.

They introduce one or two DLC Vault Hunters. Crazier still, they introduce a Tandem Vault Hunter where you can alternate one of two characters being player controlled and the other working as your action skill/ pet/partner, with each having unique Skill Augments depending on who you’re using (like every other vault hunter’s skill do).

Who would the two be? Sasha and Fiona :smiley:

and this is DJ Fan Service signing off!!!


New modifiers is possible, but feels like it could be a bit of work, especially given the backlash against mayhem 2.0 and those new modifiers.
New characters would be awesome, but gearbox have mad a big deal about that not happening, sadly.

I also didn’t add the option for the surprise to be decent fixes or balancing, which is fine cus I doubt anyone really expects gearbox to get around to those, lol.


My best guess is they put the guns in that were in the code since the beginning but didn’t have a drop source till now. As they hinted when they took the P2P Networker out of the diamond loot pool. So maybe a new takedown…


ID love to see Pearlescent gear really. Idont care for takedowns really.
A few raidboss with Pearlescent gear would be imo the best outcome imo.
Pearlescent gear could be really cool with voice actor dialogue on them with cool crazy effects.

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Surprises may be new cosmetics :grin:

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Honestly im gonna just say I hope its mayhem 3.0 where they can take the experiences from creating op levels, mayhem 1.0 and mayhem 2.0 to then take the best parts of them all and create mayhem 3.0.
No idea if this would happen but I can hope.
Also seriously why do you feel the need to dump on something that isn’t even out yet, with the way some people talk about the devs id be suprised if they want to do another borderlands game because some people just wanna hate on anything they can