So gearbox's big surprise is MORE mayhem levels? Thoughts?

In-game adds for Wonderlands.

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Did u run and check out Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep if anything id check there maybe something added.Just a shot in the dark .

I’ll check again when I fire up the game tonight. My guess is whatever it was will have a specific activation date via hotfix if it’s related to Wonderlands in any way.


Just closed the poll. The announcement should come in the next hour or two.Probably.

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Wonder what will come this Thursday? Anything, nothing?

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OK, I’ll hold my hands up and admit I was wrong. Gearbox didn’t add more mayhem levels… Yet. They might still do so after all the farming events end, especially now that they added even more farming for the anniversary.
Guess we’ll see.

For anyone who missed it, the actual surprise was 2 shift codes and a mini-event for 2 days, adding extra loot monsters, plus letting them drop the bekah or earworm. Not great, but better than I feared. Worth noting that the earworm isn’t OP now, but gearbox might decide to buff it later, so probably worth grabbing one, just in case.

The best thing about this joke of an event is that they managed not to break anything else, yet.

I dont know about that lol Had my game crash last night for the first time in a very long time.It was one of 2 things something in this event/wonderlands ad messed with something . or Mind-Killer gun from mouth piece can still crash your game no idea what one.

I was shocked it crashed i think the last time i had a crash was when the game was still less thin a month old lol