So good to be back

Now, I had the original release still installed.
But, playing the Full Clip Edition is great. Not having to muck about with the now dead GFWL is an instant improvement in so many ways.
But, the small changes and updates to the texture work, lighting and particle effects really make what was already a beautiful game pop.

I will be honest, I do miss the lens flare from the sun in the flashback mission. Looking over the horizon on the city skyline… it looked gorgeous with that blinding light from the sun.
It is disappointing that it’s gone in the remaster. But, it’s a small gripe.

I have been playing this almost nonstop for the past few days, and remembering why I loved it so much.
Come on People Can Fly… bring us Bulletstorm 2. I need it. NEED IT.

Anyone else enjoying their return to Stygia and Grayson’s lovely company?

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I am loving it too!

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