So has anyone noticed a problem with the item changes?

For example, shard generators went from 2 per second to 0.15 per second, meaning you get one shard every 5-6 seconds. Or the lore legendaries haven’t changed either. Went in-game to test, thinking they were description bugs, but nope, one shard every 6 seconds or so, and no stat changes from the legendaries were apparent.

Really? 2 per seconds was hardly worth it but that is plain useless.

yeah, whoever changed the shard generating items needs to pick up a calculator. At the current rate, even the best of them don’t even pay off their own item cost until 35 minutes of having them…which is only even possible in campaign.

So is it just a graphical bug or are the shards actually ticking in that slow?

They’re actually ticking in that slowly.

Well that’s unfortunate, now my 0 activation shard gear is not worth the 0 shards it costs to activate :frowning: