So have we found out how to get the Snowman and Turkey heads?

Now I have a Turkey Head for Nisha but don’t know how I got it! Is it from beating the DLC?

Both are from the Wattle Gobbler and Marcus’s Mercenary Day DLCs. Yes, you get them from playing/beating the DLCs.

No i’m talking about the Pre-Sequel.

My bad…I missed the “Nisha” part.


They where supposed to automatically unlock by the last TPS patch.
Except it it does unlock random heads instead, or none at all for (most) users.

I wish they would fix this.

Originally got them from the shift code. If it helps.

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Google Pre-Sequel shift codes and a website called Orcz will pop up. The code for the heads is in there

I think the OP would have found the answer by now as this thread is from August 2015, but for future reference see image, codes still work as I used it last week.