So headcount still doesn't work with rakks

Is it just a joke now? Its been 295 days. Get this ■■■■ fixed.

Why does it matter? Asking for real.

As always.

What a good thread.

Why doesn’t it matter, seriously?

Head Count is a staple skill for any Fl4k build. This bug is forcing us to use Rakkcelerate, not a good compromise.

I literally stopped playing Rakk build because of this bug.


But does head count do much more than get your action skill back sooner? Or does it do more? Anytime I have used rakk they seem to be back so fast as it is.

No, all it does is getting your AS back faster but it makes huge difference. Without it and Rakkcelerate,you can’t really play Rakk build at higher mayhem mode.

Good to know!

Phase 2 scaled Rakk damage, but because of this bug, we can’t run the augment that doubles the amount of Rakk we throw, which havles the damage of the skill and the effectiveness of all of its augments.

It’s really bad.

The Headcount bug and Flock 'N Load? What exactly is the bug/failure mode?

Because of the Headcount bug, we need to run Rakkcelerate (I tried running without it, you really do find yourself without Rakk if you don’t pace yourself very strictly). We also kinda need the healing from Falconer’s, so we don’t have any room for Flock N Load.

Without it, the Falconers heal is cut in half and the damage of Rakk is halved as well. If you do run Flock over another augment though, you either loss your healing or an extra charge.

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Ok. Coincidentally, I’m running my Rakk FL4K through MM10 now. Is that needed for Takedowns/Trials, or the rest of the game at large?

You can get by using Rakkcelerate, but it will not be easy or enjoyable in the tougher maps unless you run a shield like Frozen Heart or Stop-gap with AS activation anoint.

I personally used Snowshoe shield with that anoint but I still didn’t like how weak it felt, so I haven’t played with it since lvl 57.

Just to confirm, in what way is it bugged exactly? Should I not be putting in any points at all for a rakk build and using eager to impress instead?

It does nothing. Don’t put any points in it.

Cheers. Last time I played flak it was bugged and people were putting just 1 point in. Honestly keeping up with this game is exhausting.

That’s also good to know.

Headcount, while it should be fixed, is a skill I’m not fond of. With Rakk Attack, the cooldown is already pretty nice, and a 10% chance to get 2 seconds off the cooldown isn’t worth the points for me. Rakkcelerate is hard to beat, and the R4kk P4kk COM gives me the extra Rakk.