So hear me out Ambra needs to be nerfed

So this is my first play with ambra after beta. She is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too OP.
So I have not been able to kill Ambra in pvp once
And just now playing as her once in story mode.
I should not he able to post most of this while playing the sentinel without dying constantly on normal mode .

She is totally over powered versus her beta version. I should not be able to heal the team and do a large amount of damage at once. Something in her kit needs to help balanced.
Reminder this is lmy FIRST TIME playing her out of beta…

Also I took the most damage.

Did you really look at those stats? You have three supports on your team, this is a story mission and Ambra has decent to high AOE damage. The Miko on your team neither healed nor dealt damage and the Reyna out healed you quite a bit, yet you only did second in damage dealt by a pretty big margin.

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Yeah I looked at all of the numbers. But I literally wrote half of that post while playing that mission.
The Miko must have specced for damage, and the Reyna must have specced for healing but I still had a high healing amount even though I kept choosing the more damage dealing helix options.
The fact that I can not even try (first try!!!) on a team full of support characters and still receive a decent score rings some alarms for me.
Also the fact that Reyna seems immortal to me on pvp makes me wonder.

Ambra is not OP. Range players will kill her super easy.

Alani, however, needs a nerf.

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In my limited pvp experience. She is able to heal herself vastly long before I can kill her with any character type. Buy what do l know.

You’re joking, right?


Give me strength.


It was at this point I started questioning whether this was a serious post.


The Miko dropped. He was only level 3.

Ambra’s skills are generally pretty good at small amounts of damage to a lot of enemies which means you can finish off a lot of minions in story mode. You still did way less damage than Phoebe (an actual damage dealer) and your healing was pretty average as well. 20k is only a good healing output compared to non healers.

Ambra is still pretty strong if played properly and in pvp can punish people who overextend to try and take her out but she’s by no means op.

Ambra is far from OP and is pretty UP at the moment which is why she is being worked on. 20k healing is on the low end considering a miko/Alani can heal 40-60k in one mission/match. Out of all of the those characters in that game Ambra had the most AoE damage so yea, in a mission with weak thralls or robots they will be killed very quickly. A story mission should never be a guide to how OP/UP someone is though…

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Just my thoughts but it is a serious post.
In my experience she is always impossible to kill on pvp. And on top of that she is typically healing herself and allies.

But I generally suck at this game.

This post shouldn’t have been made stating ambra needs a nerf lol yeah no she doesn’t she has gotten 4 different nerfs saying she needs another one is pretty dumb.

I don’t know all the update history on her. But that’s very interesting.

To give a little more clarification. This mission was The Sentinel. I have personally struggled repeatedly on this mission. Getting through the golems armor and hitting their small weak point is not easy for me. Add in the environmental hazards to watch out for and for me it is a challenging mission.
I have tried out a lot of the characters and on first try it’s usually pretty rough.
But again these are just my initial thoughts.

She’s nerfed more than enough already; too much actually.
PvE should not be used as any kind of measuring stick in a game with competetive PvP.

I am strongly against this post simply because Ambra has already been nerfed several times.

lolno. Using a pve mission to evaluate a character’s balance is not the way to go. Also, your Miko dropped.

I think we’re finished here.

She’s melee only until level 7, assuming you even have her mutation unlocked. Even then, her level 7 mutation requires her to build up heat in melee unless you also have her legendary both equipped and activated. All of her abilities are short range, and she suffers immensely at long range.

Unlike Miko and Alani, she has no way to heal herself without just hiding somewhere and hugging one of her sunspots.

Her sunspots deplete their own health to heal you or nearby allies, and also deplete their own health when attacking enemies, so you can’t even deploy them to support frontline fighters since they’ll lose most of the healing from damaging the enemies.

Couple that with the fact that her sunspots can TAKE damage from outside sources, and are incredibly susceptible to AoE, and all of the damage they take means they can deal less damage themselves and provide less healing.

Her healing beam is ridiculously close range and sacrifices your own health, not to mention the fact that it depends entirely on taking an augment.

Ambra does NOT need a nerf. Her beam casting range (healing as well as lifesteal) needs to be closer to the max beam range. Her sunspots either need more base health or to be immune to damage from outside sources. Seriously they rapidly deplete from healing and damaging, and two of the augments on one level turn them into single-use charges on contact.

If you can’t kill Ambra, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough. You can melt her at long range as well as close if you’re 1v1. She’s suffered enough nerfs already.

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Oh well yeah idk where you have been but ambra has been nerfed a lot right before the beta ended, nerfed at launch, nerfed 2 weeks ago, and then last week it was a small nerf but one of her moves doesn’t do a slow anymore that nerf was pointless and kind of a dick move beating a dead horse even more gearbox.

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