So here's a question. Why is Mellka like 100x more mobile than Caldarius?

Recently dawned on me that Caldarius isn’t nearly as agile as he SHOULD be, while Mellka well…is at the level of mobility and agility that Caldarius SHOULD be.

I mean games been out for a year already but i only recently started digging into Caldarius. He’s not bad, not saying that, just that I feel like he should be WAY faster and more agile for being a living jet.

It’s because Caldarius just uses a jetpack. It’s good for bursts, quick dashes or can be fired up for vertical or horizontal takeoff.

Melka on the other hand got wings!

Edit: I really wanted to include a picture of Melka’s venom wings in action here, but Battleborn is so under appreciated when I googled “Melka Wings Battleborn” a picture of dread Cthulhu comes up before anything even remotely relevant.

Edit 2: Found the old thread I was looking for image


Caldarius is among the highest mobility characters in the game, anything more and he’d be overtuned.

Gravatic burst + double jump thrusters which can be augmented + his ult, what more do you want?

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Who needs mobility when you can just blind your enemies until they walk off the center platform in Temples Face-Off? Crazed laughter.

Sound a little TOO specific?!

More crazed laughter that slowly turns into sobs.

yeah but i mean like the intro and even his own story mission shows him flying around, blitzing at lightspeed. why cant we have a LITTLE bit of that?

Like I think he should be able to do his jet boost even from standing position, not just while jumping. It doesn’t always ready.

how would you even button map that? Caldy is fine, take Mell’s greater mobility as a bit of payback for how Caldy is only gotten net buffs, and Mell’s only gotten net nerfs.

i figure just double tap jump. Right now it feels like boost wont register unless Caldy is at peak of his jump, which is why he feels kinda sluggish to me.

Please no. He does not need any more mobility than he already has. He has so much.


This fella gets it.

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And I’m a Caldarius main. Slows on the other hand…

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lol the slow debuff seems strange, but I think that they outta find a a way to make his booster slower rather than just removing it when he’s slowed.

I don’t know why they didn’t just do that or remove the slow debuff instead of buffing him.

Too much effort? I’d imagine it’d probably f*ck with the physics they’ve got going on. They’d have to create a whole new thing in the code, which knowing how difficult programming even SIMPLE games can be, would no doubt create a whole host of new problems.

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Well that already happens with Benny’s jump, Mell’s slide, and I think Deande’s drop kick. Not sure if it would be any different to apply the same thing to Caldy’s double jump.

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Those are are all seperate functions that were put in the game from the beginning. They may use the same button, but they all do something different.

It’s not as simple as copy and pasting the code. Doing that would most likely end in either a client crash, or something worse. No, if they were to change Caldy now, it’d require an entirely new function.

Trust me, it’s never as simple as you’d think.

Hmmm… I still think they should have left him alone. No buffs, no nerfs. He was just perfect before the slow debuff change Imo.

Caldarius is lucky he’s only as mobile as he is. It means nobody complains he is immortal, and so he gets buffs instead of nerfs, and Caldy mains do not awaken every morning wearing a veil of their own crusted tears.


I’ve yet to realize why they buffed him.

The phasebang dealie was necessary because of the change to collisions. Everything else, was less than necessary.

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Guess so. I could live without it though.