So... hmm, is Evolve gonna be F2P soon? (Battleborn discussion)

In your opinion; is it going to effect the future of Battleborn? I think it’s the first time 2K is going to this business model since… ever, probably.


you can literaly find evolve on ebay for 7$ dirt cheap. making it f2p will help it a little i doubt itll make its player base turn huge tho or effect BB in a big way. they also both have different playstyles

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They used some really dirty marketing strategies at the start. So many people spent so much on that game and barely played. To me, the game started out so bad that I had to drop the game completely before I went mad. Even if it is F2P I wouldn’t want to play it.

But thanks to Evolve, I do my research every time, never pre-order, and wait for reviews before I buy a game.

In the last Steam sale, there was a spanish site with keys where you could purchase Evolve for like 3 euros, now with the monster expansion is 5 euros and with the monster race version is like 8. If you know where to find, that game was cheap as peanuts.

I really hope this helps that game because my fiance really wanted to play it and maybe, if this helps, he could.

And if that helps maybe we will see a change in Battleborn model to a freemium kind of one, who knows?

There’s a significant difference between “you can find it cheap” and “you press button, download the game and play it”.

it was an ok game from what i saw i dont think BB will be F2P any time soon i saw somewhere they only made back half the money they made that they used to make BB whether thats true i dont know.
It would get more people in yeah.

i wouldnt say its significant some people are certainly cheap to spend 5$ on a pretty great game tho.

I actually went to the link and read the boards at Turtlerock Studios. Never really followed the game too closely, always thought of it a dead failed game with no players based on the reputation that it somehow managed to get. Wow, reading the thread/boards was eye opening for me.

Evolve may have a small number of players, but they are dedicated and loyal. They are proud of the game, with a lot of people proclaiming that the game is gong to comeback and get huge now that it’s ftp. Even talking about Evolve getting big in eSports somehow.

Best of luck to them, I wish the players and Turtlerock Studios the best.


Evolve? That was this game which had significant content ripped out of the game and sold as DLC at outrageous prices and turned out to be such a mind-blowing boring game that its player base died almost as fast as Battleborn’s?

I love Evolve and played it for quite a long time, even now I’ll hop back on from time to time. The community is great though it’s small. It has an incredibly steep learning curve though, especially playing against someone who knows what’s what. That has always hurt any post launch growth I think.

Oh, thats the game that had outraged the gaming community because of all its paid DLC or something like that? And then one of the people who worked on it responded by saying “Well,we need to do this to feed our families.” Or he said something akin to that. I’m not sure what to feel about that game. I never was really that into it, but I wish them all the best.

Now this game on the other hand I like alot. and Im not to sure what going F2P will do to it. This game already has micro-thingys so what more would going F2P encourage?

I honestly never really played evolve. I actually completely forgot about it until I saw the J.T Machinima rap video. I feel like the concept of asymetrical battles was great, but it sounds like the game had a few fatal flaws to it. From what I could gather from a certain Zero Punction review of the game, everybody wanted to be the monster.

This is just my gut feeling, and I know nothing about game marketing or the game itself outside of previously mentioned sources, but I feel like what they could do is make Evolve F2P and try to get the audience back in.

From what i can gather, the game relies extremely heavily on communication. In other words, to actually be talking to people. But a lot of people don’t really want to talk to other people while they are playing the game.

Oookay…so I just NOW decided to look the game up a bit and they have something called Evolve:Stage 2 which is suppose to be F2P.

Found this while looking at EVOLVE: STAGE 2 on steam…Now where have I seen that line before? :smiley:

Also, I should mention I know nothing about game industries, but I see Evolve was made by 2K…is Gearbox a branch of 2K or something or are they different companies?

Don’t bother reading reviews unless they are from someone who isn’t in a corporation, they don’t usually go in depth to explain what makes the game good/bad.

They usually just give you the same,
'So-and-so is a platformer that relies heavily on the player’s reaction time."
They usually just give a (very) short summary of the gameplay, not a review about the game as a whole, which is what it’s supposed to be.

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2K is the publisher of Battleborn and Evolve. Turtle Rock Studios is the developer of Evolve and Gearbox is the developer of Battleborn.
Devs make games, publishers publish them. Sometimes Devs can be their own publishers.

Also, at the moment Evolve has +11k players in-game. Before the update it was under 100. This is a damn miracle. It wouldn’t be a crappy idea for GBX to start taking some notes…

We can’t know if even a small portion of those 11k players will stay but maybe it could have the ability to keep a functional player base? Tt definitely has a chance now. As long as Turtle Rock Studios listens to the community and 2K doesn’t get too greedy (again)

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Hang on, Let me get my charts. :joy:
So basically, 2K puts out the games, but Turtle Rock and Gearbox are the ones who make them. Is that correct?
also, like I said, I think the asymetrical team idea is awesome. so it’s not really that much of a surprise to get a huge surge of players if you fix some major issues. Although that’s just from a logical stand point. From a social standpoint it is truly amazing.

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Evolve lol. The game that was DoA. Their biggest mistake was putting out an open beta. I tried it on xbox with some friends and were extremely bored within 1hr. Game sucked hard.

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Yep! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they’re paying close attention, as is 2K. Be interesting to see what that number is a few weeks from now.

[quote=“MANGAkRafter, post:16, topic:1540147, full:true”]Hang on, Let me get my charts. :joy:
So basically, 2K puts out the games, but Turtle Rock and Gearbox are the ones who make them. Is that correct?[/quote]
Yes, it’s like writing a book:
You write a novel, and someone publish it for you.

2K Publish, Gearbox make (Sometime they publish too, but not in Battleborn’s case)

Sadly, some publishers like to think themselves as developers, and step in on devs choices. (Recently: EA thought that WW1 was a bad choice, DICE had to push it to make it happen.)