So... hmm, is Evolve gonna be F2P soon? (Battleborn discussion)

I really don’t think it would be that bad of an idea to consider F2P - people who paid full price could just be given a bunch of platinum currency for their troubles. I would be happy with that because I never use microtransactions in paid-for games anyway, so it would give me the chance to do so without laying down more cash. Maybe a title that only the original players get as well. There would be plenty of ways to make people happy if it did go that way.

That said, I’d give it a bit more time first.

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Personally I loved evolve! I thought the game was incredibly fun and even bought a copy for my kid brother so we could play! I was really bummed out when it died off. The in game mic on ps4 was terrible and that got annoying enough to go back to destiny. Still, with 5 friends online rotating who plays monster: there is a lot of fun to be had. I am dreading BB may have the same death. I too have bought my kid brother a copy of BB so I am 130$ deep already

F2P BB would probably be a boost maybe since its new and i guess theres been ALOT of "Team Moba/shooter based games released all at once.Paragon over-watch etc. not to mention you have popular ones people STILL play.
I wouldn’t care if they did either i thought their sale numbers weren’t impressive or something? so i just didn’t think they would do something like that.
they only made evolve free i believe because it was the biggest ghost town ever… which was a good move to give it a few more… i want to say years but awks. Things change tho i forget one game was going to be free then they changed it or something BB could go the other way who knows.
Its 5 am i havent slept yet my apologies

No problem I think I understand what you’re trying to say. Evolve and Battleborn have a lot of similarities. Both of the games tried to reimagine the fps genre. There isn’t really an fps on the market that has as much influences from MOBAs as Battleborn, and due to how popular MOBAs are now I think that a lot more people would be willing to spend money on the game if they were able to play the game beyond the refunding time period given (i.e. free weekend or “phase 2”). What i’m trying to say is that Battleborn is an acquired taste just like Evolve and it isn’t perfect, but I think that more people would play Battleborn F2P than Evolve F2P by a lot if given the chance.The devs are missing a huge opportunity by not making the game f2p and they should strive towards going f2p ASAP. How to balance a f2p player’s account vs a paid player account needs to be focused on locking content (pay to play) instead of locking buffs (items and mutations). I would suggest that they lock all the PVE missions except the Algorithm and change the Character unlock for f2p to 10 character keys where you would obtain a key per 10 level ups and make the characters they don’t get cost as much as Alani. I’ll make a thread about this on a later date.


Well, there was Super Monday Night Combat, but the devs pretty much abandoned that game when the next big project came about, and it died pretty quickly after that.

Same here, F2P woud do it a lot of good, and then the micro-transactions would seem reasonable.

Having said that, there are some things that 2K seem to have failed with during the transition to F2P.

  1. for the old players they reset all level and skins and badges gathered thus far

  2. in exchange, they gave a paltry sum of money along with a dumb title to old players

The way I see it for when Battleborn goes F2P, 2K will have to balance how to bring in new players in F2P without disappointing current players. I’d welcome F2P as it would bring in more players, but @anygearboxdevs, I hope you guys let us keep our gears and battleborn levels that we’ve farmed thus far. Nothing would disappoint me more than a hard reset on all the gears and helix skills I’ve gotten thus far.

I’ve seen others talk about how story mode should be only for paid players, while the PvP aspect becomes free, which I think would be great. F2P players would still be able to get gears through currency gathered from PvP games.

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The Evolve Stage 2 experiment is both good and bad for BattleBorn.

Evolve was all but dead. Double-digit players, maybe peaking in the low 100s at best. It went F2P and right now there are 34,000 players online, with a 24-hour peak over 40,000

That’s insane. That’s almost double their numbers on LAUNCH DAY.

Time will tell if those numbers stay solid, but at a glance, that looks like amazing news for a potential “emergency fall-back” plan for BB.

The bad side (for us) however is that Evolve has proven that you don’t need to rush it. They let that game languish with almost no playerbase for months. BB is currently showing 800 players on steam. Evolve hadn’t hit 800 since March. That’s 3-4 months, at least, that BB could wait before going F2P. And they’d be able to point at Evolve and say “well they waited that long, and it worked fine”

In the end, I want Battle Born to do well. That’s really all I want. It’s an amazing game that needs a bit more polish and a lot more players. I hope that the Evolve Stage 2 experiment can help BB succeed.


The acquired taste was a perfect set of words here. balancing of the Free/Paid will be key like you said or the paid users will be very angry and we shouldn’t have to pay more for DLC missions if we already bought deluxe and stuff.
Yeah this doesn’t sound too bad. You should definitely make that thread when you get the chance :+1:


Really hard to say since its only been free for a few days.Evolve also had a much bigger hype and more media exposure.The game itself is also much more unique.Even if bb goes f2p it will have to compete with Gigantic and other new moba shooters not to mention ow.

And now it´s even up to 51.000 playing at the same time… even in off-hours there are still playing 20.000… and the number keeps growing.
just before F2P released they were down to 120 players maximum at peak hours.

Battleborn needs the exactly same… even i preordered this game including DDE and seasonpass i´m all for F2P on PC.
The only possible thing that will not only rescue the game on PC, but will boost the playerbase like crazy and make this game grow realy fast.


Evolve gives me hope for battleborn


And if battleborn pulled 2 million people for the beta, imagine how much it will get if it ever has a free to play edition

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Just finished skimming the other posts; am I the only one who’s wary about Battleborn going f2p? The initial burst in players is appealing, but it ignores what might change in the long run, if those players are retained, or potentially what made the player base dwindle in the first place, etc.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be an option; maybe I’m being an obstinate jerkwad about it and this is absolutely what the game needs. I’m just saying that if GB is interested in the option it should wait and see how it pans out for Evolve over more than the course of a few days. Our devs have done good work now fixing and improving the game; over the course of a single patch I went from having unplayable fps on some maps to being able to actually enjoy them.

I think they have a little flex room to stew on the decision.

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Frankly I think f2p will be the biggest stab in the back that these devs could do. I spent $70 on this game, and while I have enjoyed it very much thus far I would feel utterly betrayed by a f2p battleborn. It is the same issue that I have with destiny. From day one I supported the game. Buying it at full price and buying each DLC until the taken king. When the taken king was announced Bungie had a GREAT idea. The devs got together and decided to release an “everything” package. At that point I had spent somewhere near $100 on the game, and enjoyed it. But this “everything” package was offered at $45. This kind of abhorrent pandering and desperate actions would show only disrespect for those who have supported the game thus far and as such would be the worst decision that the devs could make.

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It was too expensive. That’s the only reason it really died out. Not only did you pay a premium for the game (full reatail at 60 bucks) but then you needed to pay way too much. It was ahead of it’s time (basically an online only team based pvp game) and it priced itself out of contention.

Everyone I know that played it (actively played it) pretty much loved the game.

As opposed to going free to play, why not Release a story demo (the starter stuff) and a limited character pvp demo.

Everything I have seen and been told by friends points at BattleBorn being more fun to play, long term, than Overwatch. But I won’t commit money to it unless the community grows.

Evolve’s experiment as a F2P title on PC is only in its third day. If its player base is holding strong many months from now, like into next year, then perhaps the game will succeed under a F2P model and the console versions of the game will follow. If it works well for Evolve, then congratulations will be in order and the community has my best wishes for success.

I know Battleborn’s PC community is struggling right now but from my experience on PS4 and reading other players’ experience on XB1, the console versions of the game appear to be doing very well. The game has been out for little more than two months so if there was ever a time that is way too early to express community interest in Battleborn becoming F2P, it started on July 7th.

F2P is, and should always be, the nuclear option - the most drastic or extreme response to a problem. Battleborn is not even close to this threshold. So what does that mean for us? How can we help Battleborn grow and thrive? I think it’s quite simple actually. We stop talking about F2P and start talking about constructive ways we think Gearbox can improve Battleborn as it currently exists as a full-fledged, AAA retail game.

Battleborn is an amazing game so let’s all do our part to help it succeed. Encourage your friends to buy it (especially if you play on console), play with them often, hunt legendaries (especially next weekend!), destroy sentries, sacrifice minions, and hold ALL the points. Be positive, be constructive, and let’s start moving away from the F2P conversation because I don’t think it’s at all helpful to Gearbox and 2K, especially right now.

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So much misinformation here. The dlc in question here was not as catastrophic as this thread makes it sound.

The release day dlc was only cosmetic stuff that wasn’t necessary to purchase. Most games launch with a store full of crap that isn’t necessary.

The issue was a review was written and the sheep ran with it.

You don’t need a party of 5 people to play the game and enjoy it. There’s been so many changes that it isn’t necessary.

A big reason the game failed was because it demanded teamwork and you have a generation of CoD kids who want to sit and camp, no scope, or lone wolf run and gun. When people realized that they actually had to stay together, they don’t like that.

No, it’s not an easy game to pick up and play. It actually takes some skill to play. People didn’t want to learn the ins and outs. The game doesn’t hold your hand and modern gamers don’t like that either.

But now it’s become a dumbed down version so that little Timmy can actually pick up and access it.

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Why would you feel stabbed in the back? You bought it, played it, enjoyed it. If your playerbase is dying and you may not be able to play ever again, then isn’t that option viable so that you can keep enjoying it? Otherwise the money you spent will be for a paper weight.

But consoles has done far better with both of these games. Even as we speak I have no problem finding games on evolve or battleborn.
Not repeating played, all different players.