So... hmm, is Evolve gonna be F2P soon? (Battleborn discussion)

well F2P evolve has hit over 50k players within the last few days

bborn is under 1k

the new evolve f2p is pretty awesome. added a MUCH better progression system and 18 pages of patch notes

bborn is where evolve used to be, that is not a good place

it will be free to play soon enough. sucks for the people that spent 80 bucks on it i guess.

hope they can fix lag issues and character issues, until then its pretty much unplayable.

doesn´t suck at all because i supported a company who deserves it!.. simple as that…
even i own DDE, season pass and severall skins+taunts with platinum.

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That’s debatable but I’m glad you feel that way.

I disagree, I find it very disturbing when a company panders for players. And I have no difficulty finding players and people to team with. The player base is fine here on Xb1. If the game dies let it die, hopefully before it goes down they will give us an offline mode (assuming it is even going down). F2P is pandering, the game is a good game and it is worth the money people spend on it. F2P would be saying “f*ck you people who spent money on our game. You should’ve waited to get the game after it became F2P.”

EDIT: That being said there has not been any terrible moves done from the devs here at gearbox imo.

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Let it die? Then your massive $70 dollars goes down the drain as well. Seems legit.

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Rather have it die out then become f2p, it would mean a decision between having a backbone and not having a backbone.

Evolve goes from under 500 players playing at peak time to over 40k players playing at off peak time… I’m pretty sure going F2P is a win for Evolve… It will take a few months to see the retention of those 40k players but at the moment it looks like a win for the people who bought the game and weren’t able to play it…


While I do believe video games are a form of art but the bottom line it’s a business. It needs to make money to survive. Trust me I’m just as bitter as just about anyone seeing my purchase depreciate at such a rate but without players the depression drops this game to 0. Ya gotta do what you need to do to survive. I would be happy if they toss the original players some exclusives and I’ll call it even.

I think we may be taking this a bit too seriously. It’s a video game not a (insert important moral decision here). Yes, they need to tread the line between bringing in new player and maintaining their existing player base but they DO NEED to expand. That’s just a fact. Without new players this game will continue to spiral down the drain.

Just give OG (original gamers) some love when they go f2p

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Taking Evolve as an example, they let them keep everything they had bought and unlocked before the transfer, and gave them tones of MT currency to boot.

Now, as to WHEN they’ll do it (if at all) is something we can’t honestly pin down. If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll probably be after they’ve done all the mission DLC and Season Pass related stuff, so we probably won’t see it happen till sometime beginning of next year. Who knows, maybe they’ll do it sooner? We’ll just have to hear from the devs, though I wish they would give us some kind of indication of if they’re at least thinking about it or not.


With evolve they gave them founder status. Which means everything you own is unlocked already and everything coming out in the future is unlocked for you already.

It’s not a bad thing when it comes down to being able to play a game you love or having it sit in on your shelf as a paper weight.

It’s like a Game of the year edition of a game. People cry because they spent money on dlc that’s now included. When the truth is, you can wait for that edition to come out and play the game a year or two later than everyone else.

Battleborn is seemingly fine on console though. I never have any trouble finding a game.

lol sure thing pal.

If it ever does go f2p, I expect you’ll be uninstalling then?

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Yes, but a lot of the people complaining about queue times are on PC, so it’s all fine and well saying, “It’s fine on console, GBX don’t need to do anything”, when 1/3 of the player base is struggling to find games, and to be frank, we don’t even know what the numbers are on the console side of things, or even if they’re going on a decline similar to the PC side of things. As you yourself said, it’s “seemingly fine”.

I don’t have the luxury of being able to own either console or be able to buy another copy of the game, so the idea of this game going F2P and increasing the player base (at least on PC) is a good thing.

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Sure, long as you only want to play Incursion.
I’d actually believe the “It’s doing awesome on consoles!” talk if I could get a game in any mode without a problem.

I play on console and I can get a mode in any game type, at any time.

Where do you play from, UK here.

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With regards to the game going F2P, had this response from Jythri on another topic:

So, they have been talking about it, and they do know about how well Evolve has done from this, but it seems like there’s a LOT more they need to figure out before they do anything (assuming they go through with it).

Still, good to know they’re at least thinking about it :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delayed response. Been starting to play other games more and Battleborn less lately to be honest for various reasons (that I’ll spare the community from).

For Meltdown it was taking 10+ minutes…Capture was taking 15-20 minutes. Anything over 5 minutes for me is not really acceptable as a casual player who only plays an hour per day tops.

Anyways, glad you are enjoying the game. Have fun!

Yeah I get that, I don’t have a great deal of time to play, if I had those waiting times it would annoy me also.

It is a shame your experiencing those issues, and my comment above is very subjective, as I don’t play at weird times, so my comment on always getting a quick game definitely needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Regardless of what your opinions are of TotalBiscuit, watching his latest video made me think of a few things:

If you can’t view the video for whatever reason, TB explains that Evolve has been completely redone in terms of it’s complexity, so the Monster can fairly fight the Hunters at Stage 1, anyone can use the Dome to trap the Monster and the maps were completely redesigned, so it wasn’t made into a “tedious game of hide and seek”.

This of course brings up a fair question: If Battleborn was to go F2P, would GBX have to redesign the game in order to make it more accessible? Was one of the things that turned a lot of people off playing this game because it was “too complex”? Personally, I don’t think it’s that complex, in fact, that’s one of the reasons I love playing this game, but we remaining few playing might be the minority in that, and when you want to revive a game, you have to think about the larger audience.

I personally hope they don’t dumb it down too much if they do choose to do that, but i wouldn’t be too surprised if some things got changed or scrapped.