So HotFix? Or.... distractions only?

It’s nice that the skill trees are available for preview… However where is our hotfix. This game has so many broken points that still need to be fixed… We were promised more Zane fixes… Didn’t see any last week… No improvements at all this week… Just hype for something that is behind a paywall and still weeks away?


Remember, hotfixes aren’t on a weekly schedule anymore. There may not be any hotfixes until the Nov 10 patch.


Forgot about that … I guess that we received back to back weeks of hot fixes made me hopeful that they would continue

It’s cute you think this game will be fixed :wink:



no but we could have had some gn buffs that is the mostt excitign thing to me

to have nemesis on par with kaos
to have duc and wagon wheel on par with maggie
to have echo or breeder on par with critical and craps

etc etc etc i like to use as many pieces of gear as possible, i don settle for some odd 10 items in game i change my setup multiple times per sitting and more guns shields and nades are inerchangable the better.

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Well my favourite gun is the companion rofl

Sometime after 2077, if the track record of 0 per year, holds constant.

well echo is already pretty great for moze.