So how about that stealth Jacob's pistol nerf?

They giveth, then taketh away. Didnt even bother listing it in the patch notes either.

probably they just lost it :smiley:

Do we have . . . anything to support this?

Support what? The damage values have decreased. Plain as day. What else do you need?

Is this still the same bug that makes them lose their buff if you save&quit and continue?

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I doubt that’s an intended change. For one, because I don’t see why they would nerf Jakobs pistols even though they aren’t in a particularily good spot anyways, but also because I don’t see why, if it were intentional, they would not just mention it in the patchnotes.
Instead, I suspect it’s that one bug that keeps on breaking intended buffs, it also affects a few other guns, like the Faizor.

It used to be a buff that was lost with save quit, but then they decided to remove the buff all together.