So how big is the nerf of Thorn going to be?

Seriously, it’s like an easy button press. She’s almost Godly. My stepson is outdoing me I. Overall damage 2 to 1 with her, no matter which other character I play. Talk about unbalanced. Wow.

I don’t think there will be one? They might tone down blights damage. I think a few hinted at that. What happens when you play thorn?

Wow, it was amazing, I just destroyed everything, at least pve wise. I was crushing things. It was so easy, I ended up switching back to something else, because I figured it couldn’t last long in this state of OP-ness.

Yeah my results in pve have been nothing short of amazing - her kit is made for minion clear but it does seem to take some skill on moving targets. I main boldur and Reyna neither are really great for pve not really bad… But…

Anyway, try her in pvp. I’m gonna be starting her today in pvp so I’ll let you know my results too!

Hopefully there will never be a Thorn nerf, I don’t see why there ever would be she’s a very well balanced character who takes a lot of skill to use effectively. She’s also one of the few who is good in both PvP and PvE, some characters are great for PvP but are not well suited to PvE and vice verse, where others stand out in one mode more than the other, Thorn however is great on all PvP modes and just as good on all PvE maps. NEVER NERF THORN!


I think then, that other dps characters need a buff. She does so much more damage in pve then any other character, it’s crazy. At least in my opinion.

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Toby and OM can hold their own and outdo Thorn in PvE, characters with AoE generally outperform most others in PvE as they’re able to kill several enemies with one use of an ability and stack that with mass CC, Thorn’s slowing Blight for example or Toby’s slowing arc mines and OM’s slowing Air Strike at level 10. AoE always wins out in PvE.

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Same opinion. Thorn is quiet hard to master (I´m a complete Thorn-noob) so most “OP”-like Thorns are simply badass gamers doing a good job. No need to nerf a chars stats because people know how to play him/her.


Can see your point, since my fiance always out-DPS me with Thorn. But I had some matches were I (Orendi) were still higher in damage. Also saw countless Thorns that were last in damage, since the players were like me and had no clue how to play her.

Thorn, Orendi, S&A, Gal and OM can all make horrid (AoE) damage and its mostly a thing of luck who makes most DPS in a match.

What does your stepson outdoing you have to do with Thorn being ‘‘godly’’?
Have you considered that maybe your stepson is just simply better than you?

I can say that Thorn can be a strong character if you can play her, but she’s nowhere near of being godly…

I hardly ever notice the Thorn in the games I play… Or well I notice how she’s able to escape my rapiers by fleeing into her turrets, but that’s about it all.

Trolljoke apart, I think Thorn may be hard to play efficiently. I really never even noticed her - I even tend to forget she’s even here. As a Phoebe player, despite having a small shield and health pool, she hardly ever hits me strong enough, and since Thorn players tend to flee easily ( which I think is the right thing to do with a mid to long range char engaged in melee ), I somehow just let her run.

I really, really wouldn’t call her godtiers or even top tier at all myself. Maybe I have never experienced a really good Thorn player, but for now let’s say she must just be hard to master.

so far the community has rated her mostly balanced to mild stronger than other players

take the poll here and see the polling results here

Edit: i did not reply to you ganjamire, i dont know why it did that i did general reply -_-

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Hehe, don´t sweat it! :heart: Really like the poll, recommended it friends to take it too, hope it gets more data soon.

I think she´s quiet nice balanced too, as far as I see for PvE. She can make most DPS and sometimes you have a Thorn on team you barely notice - seems fine.

i think the times for OP thorns is the aim botters.

other than that yes she is deadly but she is balanced for her role. IMO


Perhaps you haven’t and yes she is, but as a Phoebe player you may never really notice good Thorn players anyway as Phoebe is a great counter to Thorn GRR I hate you good Phoebe players! When I’m playing Thorn and I see a Phoebe on the opposing team I always make sure one of my allies keeps her in check so I can do what I do best. Phoebe, Shayne, and Mellka. If you’re one of those three, my Thorn hates you! Come to think of it, my other main is Deande and those same three give me trouble with both characters :frowning:

In PvE I can out DPS her with Mellka, and in PvP I find her not to be so much of a threat… It’s the likes of Rath and a few others that need looking at…

He outdoes most everyone on both teams with her, he’s averaging on a story run roughly 250k dmg, always the top. Yeah, he probably is better than I am. She just seemed so easy to use. Maybe it was just my first impression was that way because of playing Montana for so long, and always coming in last in damage, lol.

As a Thorn and Deande main, Mellka is my worst nightmare lol. As for not a threat though… Well, perhaps we’ll play each other some time if we haven’t already! =D


Each character will be filled with more and more tap water until anybody vs anybody is literally a game of Heads or Tails.

I highly doubt that. The balance so far seems pretty good with few exceptions.