So how come master of whiskey doesn't seem to unlock the skin for me?

So I’ve unlocked all the lore and maxed out his levels but still nothing :confused:

Seems like a dumb answer, but I’ll say it anyways to be sure: Have you played a match with Whiskey after reaching level 15 and unlocking all his lore?

That’s the final requirement, you don’t get it right when you hit 15 or right when you finish his last lore, you get it once you’ve played one match with him after having already met both of those requirements.

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I’m going to be a master of whiskey soon too, hope this don’t happen to me, as for answer same above

You only get a taunt for hitting 15. A legendary for finishing lore. The skin and title for playing a match at level 15 with all lore done. There is one exception, being Phoebe. She becomes mastered as soon as you finish her lore at any level due to a unimportant glitch.

@Master_Oddjob yeah I played through a meltdown online after and came back with nothing I’m afraid. Luckily though, I quit the game and came back later and there’s the skin and title! No idea why it didn’t register at the time but at least if something like that happens again it should work. V pleased with whiskey’s skin, definitely one of the nicest masters!

@epicender584 that glitch with phoebe sounds the same as benedict I think. Just glad it’s all good now, thanks.

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