So how do the skulls from bloody harvest affect pets?

I can’t visually keep track of my STNL drone most of game play anyways, but there’s something bothering me now about the event ghosts. I noticed from the get go - my clone simply will not shoot these enemies. I just figured when they fly around suiciding into me (or attacking me if badasses - running away if loot ghosts) that they would ignore my pets as well.

Just today, I saw a green ghost flying at me and when I strafed it collided with my clone. I didn’t get terror because I was far enough away - and as it was ratch time right before chupa, I could very clearly tell the my hell walker equipped by the clone had its accuracy impacted negatively.

I tried to recreate it but I fail at those things, so I wanted to know if anyone else noticed this or if anyone knows how pets are meant to interact (or not) with the event mobs. It would be really nice if they helped shoot them - but even if they aren’t meant to should they be affected by the debuff in that case? Just feels a bit shady…

Skullls affect my eyes… for some reason visual effect in B3 are somewhat overwhelming, after hour of game my eyes feel like i welded metal for 1 hour… those skulls only add to this eye fatigue effect.

I hope they can do something to fix flashes in their game, sometimes game glow like disco circus, otherwise its nice game