So, how do you play? 100% legit or using exploits/glitches?

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of ridiculous exploits in this game and i rarely see a player that hasn’t “bitten the forbidden fruit”, so i would like to know how do you guys like to approach the game

PS: I’m not encouraging the use of exploits in any way, just want to know the opinion of the community about it.

What would you consider an exploit? Are talking of things outside the game only?

I mean if you mean things in-game then it becomes quite a thin line between what could be called an exploit and what is tactics. I hide between scaffolding to avoid Pete’s novas and I’d stack CA with deaths if I bothered with Voracidous and I do some grenade jumps here and there. Are those exploits?

I’ll take your Pete example further, depending on the toon (and Level) I’ll grenade jump to the ledge and hide behind the pipes to avoid the nova blasts as they still hit you even there. Stuff like that I call tactics. Exploits I consider to be, swapping certain guns, pimp/Ahab, etc

More like exploits for leveling faster, getting gear, modding stuff etc. Breaking the game in some way.

It’s interesting that some things that are now considered (by some) to be dubious, exploitative game-breakers were considered genius when first “discovered”. Maya’s Immolate glitch comes to mind first. I never do it now because it requires little skill - just a broke-ass collection of gear (to quote Brick). It’s now just a way to plow through Hyperius farming.

Others actually do still require some skill or are otherwise challenging. Bloodsplosion on Vorac is still extremely difficult to master and still provides some sense of accomplishment.

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This isn’t an appropriate place to discuss how, why, or when people cheat.