So how does everyone currently feel about Kleese being able to wreck sentries out of the gates at level 1 on Overgrowth?

Basically he just has to zoom over to where the double thralls are, then hover up onto the ledge on the enemy team’s side, then just snipe the sentry down till the enemy team sends 2 or more battleborn after him.

You need 2 because Kleese will be sitting on 3-4 shield generators while tasering you, there is no surviving that and the damaging pulses from his shield generators.

I am fine with back door strategies, but Kleese kinda feels too effective at it in my opinion. Especially given the sentry literally can’t kill him when he’s doing it.

Well this is old news.

Send Benedict over and flush him out and his 3 rift nest with 3 rockets.


Also, hilariously enough, Benedict is also a great backdoorer. You don’t need Rifts to do it, you just keep poking out from the wall and shooting, hiding before Sentry can lock on.

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So is Thorn,ISIC,Mellka and Caldarius.


Kleese is just as effective as the others,It’s super easy to dodge out of the sentries aggro zone up there,they should fix just that.

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I just find Kleese super effective due to him specifically having anti-shield abilities, which do take affect against a sentry’s shield.

But yeah, it’d probably be for the better if they changed up the terrain over there solve that issue. I suppose we know that they can do changes like that, after how they changed the ‘sniper perches’ on Overgrowth.

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They can change the game tons, but they are sticking to a Overall patch update system so we always have to wait for Sony, and Microsoft to confirm any bigger updates :confused: