So, how does one kill Graveward fast in Mayhem 3?

Seriously… I have big legendaries like the Ogre, Shreddifer, Rowan’s Call, and Flakker. I’ve tried Blast Master, Mind Sweeper and Deathless builds. Even with +100% gun damage from Deathless and at least neutral modifiers, the fight drags on for several minutes (I get -gun damage so much). I don’t even bother if I get big gun damage penalites. Yet I see people talking about killing him in seconds (or at least under a few minutes). What am I missing? And don’t get me wrong, I got like 4 legedenaries from beating him, but I feel like I should be doing more.

Then again, maybe I’m doing the average and just expecting too much. Lol.

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who are you playing?

in general, we boost elemental damage by self damaging ourselves with fire to proc elemental projector artifact and hit graveward’s critical spot (fire lyuda works well).

you can also use cutsman, scourge (tourge sticky shotguns) and fire some rounds into the crit spot and switch to unforgiven to get the crit buff.

if you want melee, face puncher with shooting star or white elephant-unforgiven will kill graveward in seconds.

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Fire Scourge, elemental projector, self inflicted ignite… OR Fire Scourge > crit swap to Trick Unforgiven.

Normally, 2 shots from a Fire Scourge + self ignite and elemental projector + trick unforgiven will kill Graveward REGARDLESS of modifiers. Yup, -50% guns -50% incendiary, +45% hp etc. etc. so that’s as fast as you can kill him, and usually just 1 shot scourge will do.


Moze. Which is why I posted here. I have the Cutsman. I’ll give that a try. Only elemental projector I have is a white elephant, though melee isn’t Moze’s strong suit. No Lyuda, Unforgiven or Scourge yet unfortunately. I haven’t been that lucky.

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I just use “The Dictator” and shoot him in his face/chest/hand, should work on pretty much any build

If you just want to test it, I can give you fire scourge and trick unforgiven.

I farmed GW with a Rowan’s call before and it took a while, but got lucky with a Fire Scourge. Used that with purple elemental projector then when I got The Unforgiven, it’s just easy kills from there.

Ok… so it’s less to do with my builds and more to do with the lack of certain boss killer weapons. Thanks for the feedback.

I use a setup that makes me able to kill graveward consistently in 1 minute or under (if I don’t screw up).
Farm road dog for a redliner (DP would be the better one) and combine it with some for the road.
I use a mix of all three trees for graveward (I can post the build as soon as I figure out how to do it), and that means infinite sticky pellets from the DP redline that all explode on graweward’s chest crit spot.

Lyuda can do it if you are playing SoR tree. Some anointed Vladof purple snipers can do it too as long as the modifiers aren’t against you. Before I used Lyuda, I used the Redline you can get from Roaddog with the infinite ammo ability from the BM tree.

When you say Scourge, are you talking about the legendary rocket launcher, or am I missing something? I’m trying to farm Graveward on Moze as well and feel like it takes too long.

Quickie on sticky mode and One for the Road. Jump down on the platform and got into IB. Once he tilts the platform enough that you get kicked out of IB, fire as many shots at Graveward’s chest as you can manage in 5 seconds. He should go down instantly.

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