So... how does Tim see Claptrap? (SPOILS)

So, for most of the game and the ENTIRE Claptrap DLC almost, Timothy is just hating, berating and putting Claptrap down every single time the robot starts talking. Timothy seems to genuinely hate the little bot.

But Tim’s supposed to be a nice guy… And near the end of the Claptastic Voyage, where Claptrap’s consciousness finally has enough, performs a rant and he leaves? Timothy says “Am I supposed to break character now?.. I’m so confused.”

Was he just acting like he hated Claptrap?.. It really seems like Timothy might be hiding his concern for the bot underneath his job, and under his fear of Jack. What do we think?


Everyone hates Claptraps. It’s a running joke of their existence. Even though Athena feels bad watching Clappy get shot by Jack, she still tells him to stuff it when he starts talking. No one in-game truly likes him.

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nobody likes him - claptrap included

Yes, he’s an actor. He admits that when Shadowtrap asks: “Who are you, man in man?”

Also, in the end of the Claptrap DLC he says:

“Wow… when I thought you couldn’t get any darker… You just… ugh.”

Yeh, that last line I remember well too. Seems like he’s hiding a NOT as much hate of Claptrap. To me, at least. Doesn’t like the robot, but doesn’t wanna see him DEAD.

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You could say the same about MANY characters in this series, About just hating the little guy but not necessarily wanting them all dead. Perfect example is Mr. Hammerlock which clearly dislikes and finds clappy annoying to no end yet saved his life as you saw once beating the dlc.

Oh wait wait wait wait I remember something…

During the Overlook mission:

“You know… uh… I-… Nah, it’s hatred. I hate you.”

So he did try to once overcome his acting.