So how exactly does it work when

Someone calls customer support?

I mean I’ve seen people post Screenshots here and there of responses to tickets submitted online, but people who have to call because they have no internet access? What happens to them, are they told to go sign up for a shift account so they can be compensated for items lost in the bank?

And what about patches? Are they directed to take their computers and consoles to the next town over that actually gets service?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to start another thread over why release it and patch it doesn’t work… But I’ve pretty consistently said here I would never ask for a refund, that I just want the game fixed. And it got me to thinking about people who don’t do anything online but still want fun games (and the specially rare couch Co op one at that).

Do they seriously have to get a refund and wait for the game of the year edition to release before they can participate in the potential blockbuster BL3 has yet to become?

I realize that asking a bunch of folks online, how something works without an internet connection, is not likely to return results.

But seriously, would gearbox mail these people an updated disc after patches fix the game? Would they seriously have to get a refund? How does this work?

I don’t think they can restore you anything tho but maybe you can just say you lost this and this and they send it to you via the ingame mail? idk you probably need internet connection for that tho