So how fond are you of the Scavs?

I would’ve enjoyed them more if

A. You could actually hear what they say, I mean they are a lot quieter than regular Pandoran Bandits in comparison

B. They had more variety other than jetpacks

Also do you think Scavs should return in future Borderlands games? As an NPC, mobs, or playable character? Or just get rid of them and their accents?

I definitely prefer Pandoran bandits!

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Maybe it’s the accent…

“Bury me with the beer”
“Stay out of my room”
“Who’s bleeding? Oh bugger…”

Love those guys on a par with bandits. I miss the Nomads/Goliaths etc. though (well, apart from the ones dual-wielding Norfleets - the can rot in pools of acid and fire as far as I’m concerned!)

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I agree that they could’ve been more varied, but I have no problems hearing their dialogue - I rather enjoy it too. (Perhaps tweak your sound settings?) I can’t help but chuckle every time I hear one of them say: “Let’s swap recipes!” or “There goes the diet!” or “I’ll wear your ass as a hat!” …the list goes on. :smile:

On a side note, I’m really surprised at how many people dislike the accents in this game. Admittedly, I hated Pickle’s at first; but it grew on me later on and I came to really like the variety of accents represented throughout the game. In fact, after hearing Pickle’s ECHO logs in the Motherlessboard (how appropriate), I felt pretty sad and regretful of how much I initially hated him. :stuck_out_tongue:

“This is how I say hello” BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM


“Cuppa tea mate cuppa tea mate cuppa tea?”

are my faves.

I like 'em. They are Elpian though; they don’t belong on Pandora.

I like the scavs just fine, except for the big guys (called Muggers in UVHM). That voice is so grating. they hit my berserk button so I immediately try to kill them ASAP.

the reason I liked bandits was for the mad max feel they brought to thefirst borderlands. In parts of BL2 they felt totally out of place (snow…), and I have absolutely zero attachment to the scavs. Honestly, I think for the thematic elements scavs should have been modeled after rats more than bandits with maybe a few tough ones being scav based, but that’s just because rats seem more like scavengers to me.


So THAT’S what he says! I always thought he said “Buy me in a beard” which imho is better than what he actually says. hahah

Even thought there are some really good lines, I think they tried to hard to match the bandit insanity and it just didn’t work. Someone said they like that “Cup of tea cup of tea” one and I’m the opposite because it just sounds too polite to me even though that’s not the intended effect. But I prefer hearing the regular scavs over those stupid Monty Python/Three Stooges reject astronaut guys that scream “I’m DyOIn’, I’m DyOIn’!” Ug I hate those.

I’m not a fan of Scavs at all. They just randomly hop around like they’re in a circus act.

Dahl Soldiers on the other hand are actually fun to fight.

Here’s my relationship with Bandits: They shoot me, I shoot them, they die.

Here’s my relationship with Scavs: They shoot me, I shoot them, they die.

As you can see, our relationship has nothing to be fond about.


Well they did put on woolly hats :smiley:
Anyway, as far as human enemies go they’re fairly interchangeable, doesn’t matter what they’re called. Why bring back scavs when we already have them? (In fact bl2 has even more types) Only their dialogue is different, which I heard more of in this topic than in gameplay. One of these days I’ll play through the game with muted music and sfx, and crank my volume to the max…

i could be wrong and he is saying something else but i love the scav that charges at me shouting TETSUOOO!!! then i shoot em with my Kaneda’s Laser for the irony

Whenever I hear “I wanna see the manager” I cant help laughing.

thats basically it though they’re no psycho’s.

I like then and Bandits rqually, although i truly do miss gibbering psychos and goliaths / shield nomads.

Spacesuits are bloody cool!

And i have always had a big weakness for Brit / Aussie / NZ accents, so that’s just extra icing on an already awesome cake for me!