So how long until we get old Meltdown back?

Don’t think ANYONE likes the new one because

  1. Now matches end way too fast, lucky if you even hit level 4

  2. That “final phase” is just an extended victory parade, for all intents and purposes. Good lucking for the losers to take down ONE, let alone TWO.

So…can we have the old one back? Or at least bring the first phase back up to the length of the original version? Like I said the “Final Phase” is just a victory parade so I could care less about that, but the actual game doesn’t last long enough anymore.

I used to run Toby in meltdown all the time but now its over so fast I can’t even hit the levels to get to what made him so good in that mode haha.


They said there are definitely chances of it coming back, whether replying finale or for limited time every other week or something like that

While the consensus points toward it being a failure, that seems premature considering we’ve had it for only a few days. According to @EdenSophia, she’s had some really great successes, however rare they were. Maybe just keep it to private matches?

what exactly would setting it to private accomplish beyond not having other people to play with?

The problem is that the new settings simply mean the game is over way, way, WAY too quickly.

I actually don’t mind the new mode.

Occasionally you get a team which simply either ignores or doesn’t realise there’s an uber minion on both lanes and one just swans in.

But against better teams, especially when the actual meltdown phase score was close, it can actually be a wild end-to-end scrap.

I’ve had a couple of fairly even matches go to the full time limit with both sides managing to repel wave after wave level 10 and 8 uber minions successfully and it’s pretty exciting gameplay.

(In fact we ended up getting co-opetition in one match which was ultimately fairly even in terms of objective play).

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Oh, sorry, should’ve been clearer. Meltdown finale should be kept to private, because it appears to only be good in very close matches

yeah i’ve had exactly ONE extended match before, whereas that was the norm in the old mode.

Plays like that should be most of the time (like in the old mode), not a rarity.

It doesn’t take more than a few days to see this new form of Meltdown is a failure, letting it piss people off for a month or two wont change that or make people suddenly start enjoying it.

What happens when finale is triggered - Losing team hits surrenders or just quits out, so what is the point of a victory parade after ten mins of meh?

i think the game mode can be fixed.
finale should be activated at 400

only 1 bot per team spawns. both in separate lanes. lanes change each round.
turns lanes into offensive or defensive.

when a bot makes it then a replay (instead of minrec closing we get currently) should happen so you can see what went wrong and learn for next time (something you don’t get currently is to learn from mistakes cos you often don’t see them.)


I’m not arguing for it. Just saying that it’s far too early to expect them to scrap what they spent a long time on

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I still will always prefer the old mode, but the suggestions that have been banded about regarding increasing the finale activation count and some variation of how the super minions spawn are sound and in the right direction if we have to have this iteration of the mode.

All anecdotal evidence aside, two super minions for the winning team at the time and none for the losing team is incredibly punishing and doesn’t help the losing team even begin to attempt a comeback push, which was the design goal of this change

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Eh I’d rather have the old Meltdown back but I don’t mind the Finale aspect. Maybe if they had a separate queue for it or even had it rotating like Chaos Rumble, I think that’d be better

THIS yes. Just tack Finale onto the old version and only one bot, per team, per lane.

they should have tested it out as a trial run, before including it in the Winter Update…they had an idea, they got it wrong, it needs to go bye bye or leave it in Draft mode and return “classic” Meltdown to Quick Match.

It doesnt matter how they Tweak it, the Finale is BS, the winning team often wins by such a stupid margin that all you see is a V4 or V8 vs a V0 Elite bots in the end…yawn.

As I said, losing team sees finale and boom Surrender/Rage quit for a ten min match that gives little in rewards anyway regardless if you win or lose.

Again, I am not defending it. I am simply saying that OP phrased this as if it should be changed immediately and that we should already have a date from the devs, which I find unrealistic for many reasons

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that would actually be pretty nice now that you mention it…

i guess :sob:

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I too think that the new meltdown does nothing but significantly shorten the matches. The finale phase does not work at all, in my experience. Most of the time, the team that is behind is behind because they have been out leveled. How can they possibly fight back against the ahead team and an uber-minion? All the ahead team has to do is thrash one or two of the other team, which is quite simple because they are usually higher level anyway. I would rather have the old meltdown back.

Let’s make it so that the losers get an uber-minion instead. I have thought this through for approximately 8.4 seconds.


This 100%!

If you lose 300-0, then you get a really week uber-minion. If you lose 295-300, you get a strong one. If you score, then it goes to sudden death with each team getting minions.

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That works too. Honestly anything other than the winning team getting two super minions to march down the lanes. I’ve been on the winning side of Finale more often than not and it’s not even fun for the winning team when it gets to that stage

Sidenote : Finally managed to kill a super minion all by myself, before it even got past their midlane grinder. Took me using Montana though and absolutely nailing it with Hailstorm. Fortunately i had a spot on Benedict there to keep two of the enemy team from engaging me. Unfortunately our team-mates on the other side basically folded and let them walk it right in. I think that’s the most disheartening aspect of all this. These super minions have so much health that even if can polish one off quickly (quickly for a super minion anyways) it’s almost a foregone conclusion you won’t get to the other side in time to help

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