So how will you hit 53?

Trying to wrap my head around this. What area or method will be popular for hitting the new cap? Maybe slaughter, takedown, or boss farming, i know i haven’t been on this game long enough to figure this one out but Broken Hearts Event does seem to offer a new dlc per se. Anyway what’s your plan, i need suggestion’s my fellow hunter’s.

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With the new cutscene skip I’ll be playing the story.

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I’ll most likely level up through Proving Grounds first and then play with the Broken Hearts Day event active so i can get the two new legendaries at lvl 53

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i think farming GW will be a popular method , also rip everything gotta farm whole inventory again .

imagine next cap increase

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Scraptrap prime.


Tons of XP there.

Im not grinding these 3 levels.
Dude in slaughter shaft you are going to be 3 levels up after one run in MH4.
Just dont play the game 3 levels are not worth it.

Good idea, you mean resetting the whole thing or a new character?

All the side missions I skipped with Zane. Now Amara is gonna be a grind.

Quickest Way is probably the Mother of Dragons w/ a Facepuncher

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Will be interesting to see what xp you get in it or anywhere for that matter. Was my first thought but not sure it’s the fastest.

Will try takedown to see if the EXP is worth the time. If not as mentioned:

Probably a new character. I have little interest in playing my old ones. Getting a fresh experience with all the exciting loot while using a new build is where the fun is at for me.

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I still have not completed my side missions yet and won’t until leveling is over. I think boss farming for me… good XP and a chance for some leveled gear. 3 levels should take no time at all.

By hook and by crook … especially on my specific farm save files.

3 levels is easy. I’d just do my usual Shaft/Cistern runs (not to level up, not to farm, but to flex)

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I’m 33 on my first Zane run and haven’t gotten to GW yet so it might be possible to hit 53 my second run. I’m just curious how much xp will be given on average.

Per boss or what’s needed per level increase?

Per boss and mobbing in general. After 50 in the past game’s xp seemed to be generous.

I win tons and tons of xp just doing my usual activities (bossing, slaughter, trial…) no reason to do anything special