So how's Ernest everyone?

I wanted to ask this since I’m getting my new controller today so I’ll get to play him. Is he in a good spot? Overpowered?underpowered? What’s everyone’s opinion on him at the moment

Not sure whether or not he is OP, UP or fine, but definitely a blast to play as!

Cool I can’t wait to play him

He’s actually very balanced not my type of hero but very supportive.


He’s actually not that much of a support. He’s an excellent pusher and defender.

I’m super eggcited to play him tonight.
I’m sorry everyone…




You’ll be certain to ruffle some feathers with your fowl play!


Worth shelling out for, eggselent character, an absolute blast to play. Mine how you go, though, as he doesn’t fly well…


Which is why his type is Defender, with subtypes Pusher, Territorial and Complex. There still isn’t technically a UPR Support, despite ally buffs being such a big part of his game.

I haven’t had much play chance with him, loved him in PvE, but if you take him into PvP, be on the lookout for Pendleses and Deandes. The sneaky, quick assassin is his natural predator.

I encountered really good Pendles and Deande opponents in my first two matches. It wasn’t fun.


Yeah, I realized that when playing as him, but it can be initially misleading with his kit. I made the assumption before he was released.

After playing him with my friend we realized that him and marquis together are horrifying. His fire rate was completely insane late game

With Ernest and the help of some of the kool peeps here I was able to finally get Gold, twice today on Renegade Advanced Hardcore.
Thought for sure that was broken, hard maybe but not completely broken.


I like him…but the Ult seems…underwhelming…

Probably just me and I haven’t learned the right helix combos or proper employment.

Also wish their was an option to explode thrown charges on impact…the detonation part seems clunky as hell to me.

I like the “plumper” grenade launcher.

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A Pain for large characters like Montana, Kelvin, Isic, Attikus, kleese.

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He’s a good bird, a pretty bird.


I’ve bursted Toby down pretty hard a couple of times with multiple direct hits and an explosive charge plus the mutation that marks them and increases the damage of the next direct hit.

I’m in love with his playstyle. :heart_eyes:

Explosions and eggs as far as the eye can see. He will make your heart explode with joy.

Edit: Slows are his nemesis though.

Place egg at feet and proceed to crush sentry.

I will be honest, I totally did not expect Ernest’s voice to sound like the way he is. Personally I think his voice suits him pretty well. In my opinion, he is my favorite new character of the 3 released so far. He has the play style like the Demoman and the personality of the Soldier in TF2.

I use his ult to lock an area. Place in the path of a fleeing target or your escape plan.

I just wish his egg had a real reson to switch to defense… A Minor constante healing or something, so far i only used def mode a couple of times to rescue montana who didnt like to lose the speed and att speed…

So far is great, realy balanced i like him, also his lore is so easy… Unlocked it in 3 matches

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