So hyped for the story

so much left unknown about sirens and the vaults. im so glad they only released game mechanics mostly and left everything kinda vague with the calypso twins or what the major plot is going to en-tale with the sirens. we don’t even know what role maya is going to play. and on god Id really love to see some bat wings on tyreen. that’d be so bad a**. i mean she literally sucks the energy out of living things. I wonder if troy will have wings or whats even his deal. IS he a siren??? Whats up with that tannis thing??? Multiple vaults yes pleas. each vault seems to have major lore and fit into the puzzle. (Destroyer locked away, Warrior a super weapon, Sentinel protecting knowledge) i cant wait to put everything together. even the small things from echo logs. And i know you all saw those living guardians!!! whats up with the WATCHER??? where did it go. Is this the WAR??? is that still to come??? Giant weapons in space??? oh man help me. DLC story too, oh man please let me know the fate of all our beloved characters (Kreig, Sasha.) i must know. 6 more days!!!

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