So I am a shield Moze player who stopped playing after Love Gun and Tentacle

What have I missed? because I kinda want to get back into it and beat the jackpot and the new dlc

Moze received a few big changes.
First of all, iron bear has become one of the most damaging things in the game. Go down to Capacitive Armor and watch enemies fall like leaves. Use a Rocketeer com and you will feel like playing multiplayer with a modder :sweat_smile:
Fire in the Skag Den received huge mayhem scaling (maybe a bug) so as Short Fuse. Pick those two skills and her dps will skyrocket. Use a weapon with multiple unlisted pellets for best results.
For what concerns shields and red tree, I’m not aware of big changes.

thank you, and… is the dlc as bad as I hear or are people just being too critical?

Your mileage may vary, I’m not upset I bought it. It’s not as good as the first two but it’s not horrible by any means IMO.

Jackpot is the best one so far, the third one is pretty good imho. I liked it better than guns love and tentacles, thematically.

ah, I mean, imo people have just been too critical of BL3 in general

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I have to politely disagree, but then again I have a friend who is obsessed with Jack so I am kinda sick of jack

I agree, sure the story had issues but I feel I got my money’s worth.

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Yeah, I mean I just bought the handsome collection on steam just incase in the future I want to play it again

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I’ve really enjoyed all three of the DLC’s so far. The stories have all been solid – maybe not Tiny Tina or Claptastic Voyage, but certainly as good as Captain Scarlett or Commander Lilith – and the new loot has been great.

Also, as a Moze, she’s in probably the best place she’s been since launch. Bloodletter, Blastmaster, Mind Sweeper, Rocketeer, and Iron Bear builds are all viable, even accounting for Fire In The Skag Den being (probably) bugged.

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I liked the DLC also. Easily the best guns in the game right now.

Zane clone out performs Iron Bear in my opinion. The fact that you can reposition the clone makes it better than IB with rocketeer. I personally had a blast using a Ragin’ Bear and the new Flipper. I absolutely rake with those two. Flipper and Green Monster also seems out of control. Basically Moze is much more fun to play right now.


well thats good, I was getting a bit bored with the unkillable build

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I have my fair share of fun with Rocketeer com and Moze in Dakka Bear turret wielding an Unforgiven. It transfers the crit bonus to the turret. The only (?) other bonus that works is the rad damage under 50% hp and if you find it on an Unforgiven and equip a deathless artifact or a front loader shield you can deal a pretty hefty amount of dps.

How does IB do with target acquisition? I know the Clone can be a bit stupid sometimes…

He targets immune enemies a lot and fast moving enemies that go behind walls tend to make him waste a few shots, but if you position him far away and on a high position or in the back of a corridor expect him to hit everything that moves.

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I was using Moze with the SoR tree a few weeks ago, came back recently and was getting murdered.

Yesterday I started playing again but randomly specced into the other two trees instead, for Iron Bear usage and the Grenade skills, and wow the game is fun again. The enemies and stupid Ice Balls in M6 die in a reasonable amount of time. I’m not even using coordinated gear, but I need to find stuff that synergizes with each other before I can move up in Mayhem levels.

Of course, now I can’t tank like before, and have to rely on getting Iron Bear up and running as soon as possible, but that’s kinda the point of building around IB lol.

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I would suggest you change your Mayhem modifiers to something other than Freeze Tag. Those stupid balls take too much damage to kill.

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I think I have a decent Rocketeer, maybe I’ll try it and see how it goes.

Not great. Not bad.

Story is stale (but that’s not exactly a surprised for a western based DLC). The real problem is the huge powercreep, the game currently is mostly playable with the new weapon, the old one being vastly underwhelming